Loaf of Rosemary Bread with salt and pepper and a sprig of rosemary on paper.

Rosemary Bread with Walnuts and Olives

This Rosemary Bread with Walnuts and Olives recipe blends the aromatic depth of rosemary with the hearty textures of walnuts and olives. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to incorporate a touch of garden freshness into their baking.

Cucumber Borage Flower salad.

Cucumber Salad With Borage Flowers

Try a fresh twist on Cucumber Salad by adding borage flowers for garnish. Ideal for a solo delight, it’s a simple yet elegant blend of spiralized cucumber, aromatic herbs, and edible flowers, dressed lightly for a refreshing taste.

Pickles cucumbers and garlic scapes

Pickled Cucumbers & Garlic Scapes

Embrace the art of lacto-fermentation with this simple pickle recipe. Fresh from the garden, cucumbers and dill meet farmer’s market garlic scapes for a tangy, nutritious treat.