About Us

When did healthy eating become so complicated?

Here at Healthy Green Kitchen, we see clean eating as something that’s timeless, simple, and accessible. We don’t get bogged down in fads or following arbitrary rules. We want to celebrate food, both for the joy it brings and the power it has to make us feel better.

Michael Polen said it best: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

We’re fans of homegrown and locally sourced. Minimally processed, organic, whole foods? That’s our jam! We see the benefits that a plant-heavy diet has to offer but don’t believe in heavy restrictions. The key to a happy life and happy eating is balance.

Love to cook? So do we! We’ve got recipes for every step of the process from canning and dehydrating, to preparing epic meals from garden-fresh ingredients.

Short on time? We get that. We have plenty of quick and easy recipes that don’t sacrifice taste or nutrition, too.

And for those times when you’ve got so much going on that you can’t remember what day it is, let alone figure out what to make the family for dinner, we’ve got you covered. Here at Healthy Green Kitchen, you’ll find loads of healthy recipe idea lists to fit every occasion and every mood.

We don’t just love to cook and eat food though, we also love to talk about it! Is this ingredient really healthy? Can I grow this ingredient in my garden? We have the answers to all your green-living and food-centric questions right here.

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Cooking good, healthy meals for yourself and your family shouldn’t be complicated. It shouldn’t require ingredients that have traveled across three countries and two oceans. And you shouldn’t need to read fifty books and have a PhD to understand what you should be putting on your plate.

Keep it simple. Keep it balanced. And keep it mostly green.

That’s what Healthy Green Kitchen is all about.