A close-up view of an open jar of dandelion jelly with a dandelion flower and jelly spread on toast in the background.

How to Make Dandelion Jelly

Delicious dandelion jelly one of the first flower jellies you can make in the spring. It brings all the sweetness of the season, is super easy to make, and is the perfect topper for a variety of baked goods and breakfasts.

Top view of redbud jelly in a jar.

How to Make Redbud Jelly

This easy redbud jelly recipe is the perfect way to celebrate spring all year long. All you’ll need is a basket of redbud flowers, sugar, pectin, and lemon juice to capture the delightful floral flavors of the season.

Apricot and Lavender Tart

Indulge in this exquisite Apricot and Lavender Tart, a fusion of sweet apricots and aromatic lavender. This gluten-free and vegan delight is not only visually captivating but also relatively light, making it a perfect dessert choice

Violet jelly spread on a biscuit with a spoon in front and a jar of violet jelly in the background.

Wild Violet Jelly

Embrace the charm of spring with this Violet Jelly recipe, turning foraged wildflowers into a magenta-hued, subtly floral delight. Perfect for brightening your spring breakfast table.

Candied Kumquats

Indulge in a symphony of sweetness and citrus with this easy Candied Kumquats recipe. Enjoy the delightful blend of tender kumquats caramelized in a warm, spiced syrup. Perfect as a garnish or standalone treat!

Kumquat marmalade in a glass jar with a spoon.

Kumquat Marmalade with Champagne and Figs

This Kumquat Marmalade with Champagne and Figs recipe is loaded with fantastic flavors. It features spices and dried fruits and makes for a fantastic spread that pairs well with anything from ice cream to ham.