Frozen basil leaves (basilius) formed into cubes with fresh basil on a table with some in a plastic sandwich bag.

5 Ways to Preserve Fresh Basil

Whether you freeze it, infuse it, dry it, or turn it into delicious pesto, there are many great ways to preserve fresh basil so you can enjoy it all winter long. Here are five of my favorite methods.

A close-up view of an open jar of dandelion jelly with a dandelion flower and jelly spread on toast in the background.

How to Make Dandelion Jelly

Delicious dandelion jelly one of the first flower jellies you can make in the spring. It brings all the sweetness of the season, is super easy to make, and is the perfect topper for a variety of baked goods and breakfasts.

A cup of plain Greek yogurt in a ceramic ramekin.

How to Make Greek Yogurt Taste Better

Plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt is great source of protein and B12, but the flavor can take some getting used to. Here are a few ways to make your Greek yogurt taste better.

Using a vegetable peeler to peel asparagus stalks.

Why You Should Be Peeling Your Asparagus

Tradition calls for snapping asparagus to remove the woody ends, but peeling your asparagus leaves more of the stalk in-tact and gives you the perfect, tender texture, all the way through.

Sautéed green cabbage seasoned with salt and pepper in a cast iron pan.

8 Tasty Ways to Cook Cabbage

While many of us may have less-than-fond memories of cabbage from childhood, cabbage can be so much better than that! Here are eight ways to cook cabbage and level up your game.

How to Make Tofu Taste Great

Tofu is fairly bland on its own, but that’s what makes it so versatile. If you’re not following a recipe, here’s a few ways to dress up tofu and make it taste great.

Man holding kale leaves over a bowl on a kitchen counter.

5 Best Substitutes for Kale

Kale has received a lot of love over the last few years, but not everyone’s a fan. Luckily, you can easily substitute other leafy ingredients for kale in a range of recipes, for a more palatable flavor and texture, and similar health benefits.

Bananas nut overnight oats with in snap lid glass jar on white marble.

The Best Type of Oats for Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are easy, but you can still end up with a less-than-desirable dish if you don’t follow a few basic rules: like using the right type of oats. While you can buy a range of oats at the grocery store, there’s only one type that will give you a great texture without turning to mush.

Pan-roasted brussels sprouts in a cast iron skillet.

How to Make Brussels Sprouts Less Bitter

For many, Brussels sprouts are becoming standard fare (especially around the holidays), as home cooks move beyond the sad, boiled brussels sprouts you may have grown up with, to more palatable recipes. But what if you’ve tried some of these much-improved Brussels sprouts recipes and still just find the veggie too bitter for your taste? We share four easy ways to make Brussels sprouts less bitter.

A woman using a potato ricer.

The Most Underrated Kitchen Gadget You Need to Buy

A potato ricer doesn’t just make the fluffiest potatoes; you can use it for other tasks as well. It is an extremely underrated kitchen tool that you should be using on a regular basis, and not just for potatoes. Learn four unexpected ways to utilize your potato ricer.

A turkey carcass on a platter on a table.

How to Make Turkey Stock from the Carcass

The second best thing about Thanksgiving is making turkey stock from the carcass. So before you start cleaning up and toss the turkey carcass in the trash, consider making turkey stock from it. The process is incredibly easy (just what you need after a full day or longer spent in the kitchen) and it results in a delicious, healthful, homemade broth that you can use in recipes all winter long.

Woman preparing tasty mashed potatoes on wooden background.

Why Your Mashed Potatoes Turn Gummy (and How to Avoid It)

Mashed potatoes are one of the highlights of every holiday meal, but while mashed potatoes are relatively simple (potatoes, cream, butter, salt, pepper and you’re done), there are still ways they can go wrong, quickly and easily, and turn into gummy mashed potatoes.

A skillet with diced celery, carrots, and onions. Celery stalks and carrots are in the background.

The Name Chefs Use for this Classic Veggie Trio

You’ve probably been making this trio of vegetables your entire life (or, at least as long as you’ve been cooking). It forms the base of many a soup and stew and adds flavor, depth, and texture to many favorite Western dishes. It’s a simple blend of diced celery, onions, and carrots.

Lentil stew with yogurt and pita bread.

How to Make Lentils Taste Better

Lentils are one of those foods that, when served straight up, boiled in water, and drained, are just plain boring and bland. Here are six delicious ways to make lentils taste better.

Frozen, pureed butternut squash in a zip-top freezer bag.

How to Freeze Butternut Squash

Savor the nutty flavor of butternut squash all year round with these easy freezing methods. Lock in the nutrients and taste of this fall favorite, ready to enhance your winter meals. Enjoy cubed or pureed, offering versatility in your favorite fall and winter recipes.

A whole pizza in a pizza pan topped with sliced tomatoes.

How to Give Homemade Pizza a Healthy Upgrade

Pizza is everyone’s favorite Friday night eat. However, don’t think that just because you’re indulging, that means you have to throw out your health and nutrition goals for the week. While you might see pizza as a cheesy, carb-laden treat that’s best enjoyed only on rare occasions, there are many ways you can have your pizza and eat it, too.

Wooden baskets full of sugar pumpkins.

The Best Types of Pumpkins for Eating & Cooking

There’s so much more to pumpkins than that boring puree in a can. Discover varieties like Sugar, Cinderella, Kabocha, Fairytale, Jarrahdale, and Styrian, each offering unique flavors and textures.

Healthy homemade oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries for breakfast.

How to Make Oatmeal Taste Good Without Sugar

Indulge in a bowl of oatmeal that’s both delicious and sugar-free. Enhance the flavor with low-sugar fruits, natural sweeteners, or protein powders. Mix in nuts or explore savory options for a hearty, satisfying meal. Your tasty, healthful breakfast awaits!

Butternut squash cut into cubes on a cutting board.

How to Peel and Cut a Butternut Squash

Discover the simple steps to mastering the art of peeling and cutting butternut squash. This guide ensures a quick, safe, and easy process, turning a daunting task into a breeze.

A plate with three stuffed pears and forks on a napkin.

Best Types of Pears for Baking

Just as is the case with apples, not all pears are the same. Certain varieties are best for certain uses. Learn which pears stay crisp when baked and which ones fall apart.

Oven roasted tomatoes in a white bowl garnished with basil with a hand drizzling olive oil on top.

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

This oven roasted tomato recipe is loaded with flavor. It makes a wonderful base for pasta sauce, homemade tomato soup, and more. You’ll never buy canned roast tomatoes again after learning this super simple recipe.

A white bowl with a serving of apple crispy and topped with ice cream.

The Best Apples to Use for an Apple Crisp

To make the best apple crisp you should not use the same apples as your apple pie. Learn which apples are best to use for an apple crisp for the best taste and texture.

Cooked brown rice in a bowl on a cutting board with wooden utensils.

How to Make Brown Rice Taste Better

Brown rice contains more nutrition compared to white rice but for all of brown rice’s benefits, it’s about as tasty as a piece of cardboard. Luckily, there are several ways you can easily make brown rice taste better.

Leeks sliced up on a cutting board.

8 Great Substitutes for Leeks

Discover eight versatile alternatives to leeks, from green onions to garlic powder, ensuring your dishes maintain flavor and texture even when leeks are out of reach.

Bowl of cooked quinoa with a smaller bowl of raw quinoa and a dried plant.

How to Make Quinoa Taste Better

Quinoa is a fantastic, nutritious food to include in your diet, but many people find it lacking in flavor, or worse, having a bitter taste. Try these tips to make it more flavorful.

Creamy risotto in a black skillet garnished with rosemary and sautéed mushrooms.

Is Risotto Rice or Pasta?

Risotto — it looks like rice, but a good plate of risotto is creamy, tender and altogether reminiscent of a pasta dish. So which is it? Rice or pasta?

Grilled fruit kabobs on skewers on parchment paper.

12 Fruits You Need to Grill This Summer

Discover healthful fruits, from apples to pineapples, that are perfect for grilling. Learn techniques and serving ideas to elevate your nutritious summer meals.

Fresh blueberries being held out in a woman's hands.

How to Pick the Best Blueberries

Want to make sure that you pick the best, juiciest, and most flavorful blueberries in the summer? Here’s how to ensure you find the best ones.

Italian Bruschetta - Lauren Caris Cooks

How to Make Bruschetta Bread

This homemade bruschetta is an outstanding appetizer or snack that combines homemade olive oil bread with a rich, savory tomato topping. It’s perfect for dinner parties or summer picnics and tastes even better using in-season tomatoes.

Frozen ice cubes of fresh herbs on a wooden cutting board with a burlap background and wood table underneath.

An Easy Hack for Saving Herbs Before They Go Bad 

This hack is the simplest yet effective technique of preserving herbs to maintain their aroma and taste. Learn how to freeze your favorite herbs for long-term storage and enjoy their freshness all year round.