Fruits and Vegetables in Season in November

Jim Robinson

By Jim Robinson

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Bright red fresh cranberries in a wooden bowl with some spilled in the foreground on a wood table.

You probably associate November with Thanksgiving, autumn colors, and chilly weather. But did you know it’s also an abundant time for fresh produce?

You might be wondering about the fruits and vegetables in season in November, and that’s where this list comes in.

Below, you’ll discover a cornucopia of fresh staples to stock up on this month.

And if you’re unsure what to do with all that November produce, don’t fret! At the end of this post, you’ll discover some of the top recipes to make using your seasonal bounty.

So keep reading to learn about the fruits and vegetables in season in November. 

Fruits in Season in November

November marks the beginning of the citrus season, so you can look forward to buying the ripest oranges, grapefruits, and lemons during this month.

You’ll also find some classic winter staples like cranberries, pomegranates, and more. Here are the top November seasonal fruits for you to enjoy:

  • Apples: These crunchy delights are at their best in November. From tart Granny Smiths to sweet Fujis, there’s an apple to match every palate. 
  • Oranges: November marks the first month when you can find this orange citrus fruit in season. 
  • Cranberries: These tiny, tart berries are a staple of many Thanksgiving dishes. You can use them in sauces, desserts, or even as a garnish for cocktails. 
  • Pears: With their crisp texture and sweet taste, pears are perfect for baking or simply enjoying fresh.
  • Lemons: This tart citrus is a staple kitchen ingredient across the globe. Like oranges, November signals the beginning of this fruit’s growing season.
  • Pomegranates: These ruby-red fruits are packed with antioxidants and can add a pop of color and flavor to salads and desserts.
  • Grapefruit: The tangy and slightly bitter taste of grapefruit can awaken your taste buds on a chilly November morning.
  • Limes: This tiny green citrus adds a unique tartness to drinks, savory dishes, and baked goods.
  • Kiwis: These small fruits pack a big punch of tropical flavor and are a great source of vitamin C.

Vegetables in Season in November

November brings a bounty of vegetables that are perfect for hearty autumn meals. Here are some you’ll find in abundance this month:

  • Brussel Sprouts: These mini cabbages turn sweet and tender when roasted and are a fantastic accompaniment to any main dish.
  • Sweet Potatoes: This starchy orange spud is a November favorite. You can use the sweet, creamy flesh in soups, pies, or mashed for a tasty side dish.
  • Winter Squash: Whether it’s butternut, acorn, or spaghetti, winter squash is versatile and packed with nutrients.
  • Celeriac: Also known as celery root, celeriac has a unique flavor somewhere between celery and parsley. It’s great in soups or mashed as a side dish.
  • Carrots: While available year-round, carrots are particularly sweet and crunchy in November. They’re perfect for roasting, stewing, or enjoying raw in salads.
  • Spinach: This nutrient-dense green can hold its own against the November chill. Use it in salads, smoothies, or stir-fries for a healthy addition.
  • Kale: Another vitamin-packed green that can grow in the winter, kale is a hardy veggie with a slightly bitter flavor. 
  • Swiss Chard: The growth of this leafy green starts to slow down in November, so get it while you still can. It’s rich in vitamins with a mild, earthy flavor. 
  • Broccoli: November is one of the best months for buying broccoli. Look for florets with dark green buds and firm stems for the freshest flavor. 
  • Beetroot: This earthy root vegetable has a brilliant red color that brightens up any dish. It’s also packed with antioxidants and benefits liver health. 
  • Cauliflower: This odd-looking white veggie is in peak season during November. Use it to make soups, rice, or even pizza crusts. 
  • Pumpkin: This fall staple is on its way out in November, so be sure to stock up on it before it’s gone.

November Recipes

Now that we’ve covered the fruits and vegetables in season in November, let’s explore some delicious recipes you can whip up in your kitchen.