Fruits and Vegetables in Season in October

Christine Johnson

By Christine Johnson

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Field with large pumpkins and fall trees in the background with father and son carrying a pumpkin towards the trees.
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As the golden-red hues of fall start to descend, the produce aisle becomes a cornucopia of autumn staples. If you’re wondering about the fruits and vegetables in season in October, you’re in the right place.

This month marks the very end of summer produce but brings a bunch of fall essentials you won’t want to miss.

You’ll also discover some of the top recipes to make using your fall bounty. (Here’s a preview: pumpkin-everything).  

So next time you take a trip to a fall farmer’s market, keep your eye out for these fruits and vegetables in season in October. 

Fruits in Season in October 

October’s fruit offerings are a delightful mix of lingering summer fruits and some fall essentials in full swing. 

  • Apples: This autumn staple is at its best in October. Whether you opt for a tart Granny Smith or savor the sweet undertones of a Honeycrisp, you can’t go wrong with this fall fruit.
  • Pears: Pears in October are exceptionally sweet and juicy. Enjoy them raw for a sweet, crisp snack, or use them to create festive fall baked goods.
  • Blackberries: As the last hurrahs of summer produce, blackberries add a tangy sweetness to your dishes. Enjoy them fresh in salads, or transform them into a heart-warming blackberry pie.
  • Cranberries: These ruby-red jewels are in full swing during October. They add a tart punch to your sauces, desserts, and drinks.
  • Figs: Experience the unique, honeyed sweetness of figs before they bid goodbye for the year. They have a rich, earthy flavor that pairs well with cheese and nuts.
  • Raspberries: Though traditionally associated with summer, raspberries will continue to produce until early October.
  • Grapes: October grapes are a luxurious treat. Pop them in your mouth as a quick snack, or use them to elevate your cheese platters, salads, and desserts.
  • Pomegranates: This antioxidant-rich fruit is the jewel of fall and creates a visually striking garnish to any dish.
  • Nectarines: Relish the smooth, sweet, and slightly tart flavor of nectarines before they retreat for the winter. Enjoy them fresh or baked into delicious desserts.
  • Peaches: This fuzzy orange fruit brings a lingering summer flavor to cobblers and salads.
  • Plums: The sweet and tart flavor of plums add a delightful twist to your fall recipes. Enjoy them fresh, or incorporate them into your baking.
  • Melons: The early October harvest of melons marks summer’s last gift.

Vegetables in Season in October

October brings a variety of vegetables that are perfect for hearty, warming dishes. From earthy brussel sprouts to the sweet butternut squash, let’s explore what’s in season.

  • Artichokes: This unique vegetable is incredibly versatile. You can grill it, steam it, or use it to make a delicious dip.
  • Brussel Sprouts: These tiny leafy sprouts are at their peak in October.
  • Corn: While many people associate corn with the summer, it also tastes equally delicious during the fall.
  • Pumpkins: These giant orange fruits are the star of autumn and have many uses, from carving to roasting.
  • Parsnips: These sweet root vegetables are perfect for roasting or pureeing into a comforting soup.
  • Eggplant: This versatile veggie makes a mean addition to any dish, including pasta, stir-fries, and soups.
  • Peppers: With their vibrant color and crunchy texture, peppers bring a sweet, slightly spicy flavor to recipes.
  • Butternut Squash: This fall-favorite makes a stand-out addition to soups, pasta, and risotto.
  • Tomatoes: You’ll find the very last of this savory summer staple in early October.
  • Sweet Potatoes: This sweet spud is in full swing during the fall. Whether you roast it, mash it, or turn it into fries, the sweet potato can do it all.
  • Zucchini: You can still find this summer squash kicking around during October. Use it in stir-fries, baking, or to create carb-free noodles.
  • Fennel: With a unique anise-like flavor and crunchy texture, fennel makes a welcome addition to salads, slaws, and roasts.
  • Spinach: You can find this nutrient-packed green growing in abundance during October. Use it in salads, smoothies, or wraps for an extra punch of vitamins.
  • Kale: This hardy green can stand up to the chill of fall. Try mixing it with fruit and nuts for a sweet-savory salad, or roast it into kale chips.

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