Fruits and Vegetables in Season in June

Christine Johnson

By Christine Johnson

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A basket of fresh-picked strawberries and a bundle of asparagus tied with twine on a wooden surface.
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If you’re wondering what fruits and vegetables are in season in June, you’ve come to the right place. 

June is the month that signals the first days of summer, and with that comes the best seasonal produce.

Many fruits and veggies peak in flavor, nutrients, and overall quality during this warm month, making it the perfect time to enjoy them.

To help you make the most of this bountiful season, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of fruits and vegetables that are in season in June, along with some tasty recipes to enjoy with your seasonal produce.

So read on to discover the best of June’s bounty!

Fruits in Season in June

June marks the beginning of fresh fruit season, and you can enjoy a delightful array of vibrant, sweet produce. 

To get the most out of June’s fruit season, seek out fresh produce at a local farmers market or a U-Pick farm. Here, you’ll find the freshest supply of produce with the most direct farm-to-table channel. 

But, no matter how you source them, here’s a rundown of the fruits you can look forward to in June:

  • Apples: Though most of us associate apples with fall, you can actually start to harvest the spring crop in June. 
  • Apricots: These sweet and delicate fruits are best enjoyed fresh during June for maximum flavor.
  • Blackberries: Known for their rich and tangy flavor, blackberries are an antioxidant-packed fruit perfect for snacking. 
  • Blueberries: These nutrient-dense berries are a great addition to smoothies, oatmeal, or as a simple snack.
  • Cherries: Sweet and juicy, cherries are a summer favorite, ideal for snacking or incorporating into baked goods.
  • Figs: Known for their unique texture and sweetness, figs can be enjoyed on their own or in various dishes.
  • Lemons: With their tangy and refreshing flavor, lemons are a versatile fruit that creates acidity in sweet or savory recipes. 
  • Melons: Ranging from classic watermelon to honeydew and cantaloupe, melons are the perfect treat to beat the June heat.
  • Peaches: With their soft, fuzzy skin and irresistible flavor, peaches are a beloved summer fruit.
  • Nectarines: Similar to peaches, nectarines are a delicious stone fruit that signals the beginning of summer.
  • Plums: These sweet and tart fruits can be enjoyed fresh or used in sweet or savory recipes. 
  • Raspberries: Raspberries are an antioxidant-rich berry that tastes sweet and tart. 
  • Rhubarb: While technically a vegetable, rhubarb is often used as a fruit in pies and other sweet treats.
  • Strawberries: These bright red berries are synonymous with summertime and can be used in countless recipes.

Vegetables in Season in June

June isn’t about the fruits – the vegetable selection is equally, if not more, impressive. 

Basically, all the summer veggies start peaking by the end of this month, so you have a lot of fresh produce to look forward to.

Here’s a list of fresh veggies that are best enjoyed in June:

  • Artichokes: With their unique flavor and texture, artichokes make a great candidate for roasting or pickling.
  • Arugula: This peppery green is perfect for adding a kick to salads and sandwiches.
  • Asparagus: Tender and flavorful, young asparagus is a springtime favorite best prepared over an open flame.
  • Beets: Known for their earthy flavor and vibrant color, beets can be roasted, pickled, or even eaten raw.
  • Broccoli: This nutrient-rich vegetable can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from raw to roasted.
  • Cabbage: A versatile and hearty vegetable you can use in salads, soups, and more.
  • Carrots: Crunchy and sweet, carrots are a beloved snack you can enjoy in sweet and savory dishes.
  • Chilies: These spicy peppers add a kick to any dish and come in a variety of heat levels.
  • Cauliflower: With its mild flavor and versatility, you can use cauliflower in everything from salads to pizza crusts.
  • Celeriac: Also known as celery root, this knobby vegetable has a mild, earthy flavor.
  • Celery: This crunchy vegetable is the stalk of celeriac, with a crisp, watery texture and mildly bitter flavor. 
  • Swiss Chard: With its tender leaves and colorful stems, chard is a flavorful and beautiful addition to salads, stir-fries, and more. 
  • Chicory: You’ll often find this bitter green used in salads, but you can also saute or braise it to offset the flavor. 
  • Collard Greens: These hearty greens are a staple in Southern cuisine and can be cooked in a variety of ways.
  • Cucumbers: Refreshing and crunchy, cucumbers are a summertime favorite with immense versatility.
  • Eggplant: With its unique texture and flavor, eggplant makes a mean base for casseroles and stews and also works as a tasty meat alternative. 
  • Fennel: With its licorice-like flavor, fennel can be enjoyed raw in salads or cooked in various savory dishes.
  • Green Beans: These tender and crisp beans are a delicious addition to salads and stir-fries but also make a mean side dish served solo.
  • Horseradish: Known for its pungent flavor, you can use horseradish to add a kick to sauces, dressings, and more.
  • Kale: This nutrient-dense leafy green can be enjoyed in salads, smoothies, and many other dishes.
  • Leeks: With their mild onion-like flavor, leeks are a delicious addition to soups, quiches, and more.
  • Mustard Greens: These peppery greens can elevate a raw salad into a culinary masterpiece. 
  • Peas: Sweet and tender, peas double as a versatile ingredient and a crave-worthy snack.
  • New Potatoes: These young potatoes have a thin skin and creamy texture, making them perfect for boiling or roasting.
  • Scallions: Also known as green onions, scallions add a mild onion flavor to salads, stir-fries, and more.
  • Parsley: A fragrant herb with many uses spanning from a staple ingredient for tabouli to a fresh garnish on pasta. 
  • Onions: A versatile staple in the kitchen that adds an unforgettable savory flavor to dishes.
  • Corn: A sweet cereal grain that technically qualifies as a fruit, but it’s more often used as a vegetable. 
  • Spinach: A nutrient-dense leaf you can use in salads, smoothies, and stir-fries. 
  • Radishes: This root vegetable has a zesty, slightly spicy flavor that can liven up salads, sandwiches, and more.

June Recipes

Now that you know all about the fruits and veggies in season in June, discover some of the tastiest ways to enjoy this month’s bounty. 

Here are some of the top recipes to take advantage of June’s seasonal produce.