A raised bed filled with herbs and vegetables is nestled in the center of two other narrow gardens. A rustic, delightful sign adds an artistic accent.

Earth Day Inspired Garden Ideas

Earth Day and gardening go hand-in-hand. If you’d like to help the planet and spend more time in your garden, you can do both at once, with these eight Earth Day-inspired garden ideas.

Leeks, allium ampeloprasum growing in plastic pipes to blanch and extend the stems in a vegetable garden, variety Musselburgh.

How (and Why) To Blanch Leeks in the Garden

The key to growing leeks with long, white, tender stems is to blanch them in the garden. Find out why blanching is important and how to blanch leeks using two simple methods.

Frozen ice cubes of fresh herbs on a wooden cutting board with a burlap background and wood table underneath.

An Easy Hack for Saving Herbs Before They Go Bad 

This hack is the simplest yet effective technique of preserving herbs to maintain their aroma and taste. Learn how to freeze your favorite herbs for long-term storage and enjoy their freshness all year round.