A close-up view of an open jar of dandelion jelly with a dandelion flower and jelly spread on toast in the background.

How to Make Dandelion Jelly

Delicious dandelion jelly one of the first flower jellies you can make in the spring. It brings all the sweetness of the season, is super easy to make, and is the perfect topper for a variety of baked goods and breakfasts.

Pan-roasted brussels sprouts in a cast iron skillet.

How to Make Brussels Sprouts Less Bitter

For many, Brussels sprouts are becoming standard fare (especially around the holidays), as home cooks move beyond the sad, boiled brussels sprouts you may have grown up with, to more palatable recipes. But what if you’ve tried some of these much-improved Brussels sprouts recipes and still just find the veggie too bitter for your taste? We share four easy ways to make Brussels sprouts less bitter.

Frozen, pureed butternut squash in a zip-top freezer bag.

How to Freeze Butternut Squash

Savor the nutty flavor of butternut squash all year round with these easy freezing methods. Lock in the nutrients and taste of this fall favorite, ready to enhance your winter meals. Enjoy cubed or pureed, offering versatility in your favorite fall and winter recipes.

Butternut squash cut into cubes on a cutting board.

How to Peel and Cut a Butternut Squash

Discover the simple steps to mastering the art of peeling and cutting butternut squash. This guide ensures a quick, safe, and easy process, turning a daunting task into a breeze.

Oven roasted tomatoes in a white bowl garnished with basil with a hand drizzling olive oil on top.

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

This oven roasted tomato recipe is loaded with flavor. It makes a wonderful base for pasta sauce, homemade tomato soup, and more. You’ll never buy canned roast tomatoes again after learning this super simple recipe.

Italian Bruschetta - Lauren Caris Cooks

How to Make Bruschetta Bread

This homemade bruschetta is an outstanding appetizer or snack that combines homemade olive oil bread with a rich, savory tomato topping. It’s perfect for dinner parties or summer picnics and tastes even better using in-season tomatoes.

This Five Minute Chimmi Churri Sauce is ready in a flash and the PERFECT topping for anything! Zingy and fresh, your meals will not be boring with a dollop of this on top!

How to Make the Best Chimichurri Sauce in 5-Minutes

This easy chimichurri recipe is bright and zesty, with ingredients like fresh herbs, vinegar, oil, and garlic, making the base of the no-cook sauce. It’s a healthy versatile vegan and gluten-free topping that can be used on everything from meat to vegetables!

Pumpkin guts!

How to Clean Pumpkin Seeds

Cleaning pumpkin seeds can be a messy project. Let our 7 easy steps clean up the process so you can enjoy your roasted seeds sooner.

Top view of redbud jelly in a jar.

How to Make Redbud Jelly

This easy redbud jelly recipe is the perfect way to celebrate spring all year long. All you’ll need is a basket of redbud flowers, sugar, pectin, and lemon juice to capture the delightful floral flavors of the season.