How To Organise Your Kitchen (Kitchen Tour)

Lauren Caris Short

By Lauren Caris Short


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Welcome to the next post in the #MakeItHappenBlogHop series! This month’s theme was organisation so today I’m showing you how to organise your kitchen, by showing you around mine! I recently moved house (by recently I mean literally 1 week ago, hence why things have been quiet around here!) and of course the first thing that had to be unpacked was the kitchen! I absolutely loved organising all my cupboards and really thinking about where everything was going to go now I had a good opportunity!

Click through for a useful video full of actionable tips to show you how to organise your kitchen! Being organised doesn't have to be difficult! Click through to watch the full video!

Here are my top tips for kitchen organisation!

Store Items According to Their Function

When you’re planning out your kitchen layout, walk around your kitchen and put yourself in the places you will be performing certain tasks. Once you are there, make a list of the items you need to do those tasks and then try to store them within hand reach of that place. If you do this for the major tasks in the kitchen you will save a TON of time by not walking around everywhere trying to find everything.

Use Storage Boxes in Hard to Reach Areas

Some of my kitchen cupboards are slightly taller than is comfortable for my height and reach. In order to solve this problem, rather than standing all my jars and bottles loose on the shelf as I normally would, I used some small storage boxes from Ikea to keep them tidily tucked away. It is much easier to slide a box out, use what I need and slide the whole thing back in, than fumble around with loose jars and risk breaking them!

Keep Crockery Near the Washing Up Area

The majority of things I use on a daily basis are plates, bowls and cutlery. I tried to store these things near the washing up area to cut down on the time spent emptying the dishwasher. Now, rather than having to go back and forth all over the kitchen, I can empty the dishwasher quickly and efficiently into the nearby cupboards.

Images by Lauren Caris Short.

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0 thoughts on “How To Organise Your Kitchen (Kitchen Tour)”

  1. I totally have cupboard envy. Some really great tips I practically have a list of things I need already Ikea here I come. I found this video really relaxing to watch, a lovely element to your blog.

    • Awww thank you Rebecca! I definitely want to include more videos as I go on blogging! It’s a really fun way to add something different :)

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  3. Using containers to corral items on tall shelves is a great idea! I kind of did that by accident with my collection of tupperware, but I need to consciously implement the technique on some of my other high shelves.

    • I absolutely love being able to slide everything I want out easily and then put it all back again! Totally worth the extra effort setting it up

  4. Great video!
    My kitchen’s layout is not so convenient because there are enough cupboards but not close to the oven or the dishwasher etc so my storing is not so ideal but I also find the vertical pan and tray organization very convenient. I just could not do the whole “lift all the pans to find the one at the bottom” thing any more.
    I also started using boxes to store baking supplies like baking powder, flavorings etc so when I want to find something I pull out one box instead of moving around small jars and vanilla sachets to reach that thing at the back of the cupboard.
    These tips are very usefull. Great job!

    • Thanks Theodora! The vertical pan storage is definitely a must, and the boxes make accessing things super simple! We are very lucky to have the cupboards in a good place this time and I had a lot of fun re-organising! Thanks for the lovely comment! I was just watching your chocolate salami video last night… oh my goodness it looks delicious!! I am definitely going to be making a chocolate salami this Christmas!!