8 Tasty Ways to Cook Cabbage

Holly Riddle

By Holly Riddle

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If you think “cabbage” and then think “ew,” you may need to rethink your approach to this cruciferous vegetable. While many of us may have memories of slimy, odorous cabbage cooked by grandparents or parents past, cabbage can be so much more and so much better.

Here are eight ways to level up your cabbage game.

1. Sauté it

Sautéed green cabbage seasoned with salt and pepper in a cast iron pan.
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One of the simplest cabbage upgrades you can make, sautéing sliced cabbage is easy and takes mere minutes. Plus, with just a few extra ingredients, your cabbage will taste amazing. Cook it in salt, pepper, and butter over high heat just until it’s starting to brown. (Don’t overcook it!) For extra flavor, add bacon, including some of the drippings.

2. Braise it

Braising is an equally simple method, combining wet and dry heat. First, you cook the cabbage in butter, just like you would if you were sautéing it, but, before it browns, you add in your liquid of choice (options range from simple water to broth to wine or cider) and let the cabbage cook until done, soaking up all that flavor.

3. Boil it

Of course, some do like the simplicity of boiled cabbage, but if you’re wary of this cooking technique, you might just need to make some switches. Don’t just boil your cabbage in water and call it a day. Anything boiled in water and left plain is going to be less than tasty. Instead, boil the cabbage in broth and then, when done, add extra flavor with salt, pepper, spices, butter, and, yes, more tasty bacon.

4. Ferment it

Homemade lacto-fermented sauerkraut in a brown bowl.
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Okay, this isn’t quite cooking, but it is, hands-down, one of the best ways to prepare cabbage (and your gut health will thank you). Transform your cabbage into some tasty sauerkraut or kimchi. Both are much easier to make than you likely think.

5. Roast it

Everything’s better with a little caramelization, and that’s exactly what you get when you roast your cabbage. Cut your cabbage into wedges or rounds, brush them with olive oil, season them the way you might any vegetable you’re going to roast, and then bake them at a high heat on a baking sheet, flipping them half-way through. You’ll have a caramelized, brown, flavorful side dish in no time.

6. Grill it

Similarly, grilled cabbage offers those caramelized flavors, but the process is faster on the grill and more convenient if you’ve already fired up the barbecue to grill some other veggies. Again, slice the cabbage into wedges or rounds, brush them with olive oil and the seasoning of your choice, and then place the cabbage on the grill (directly or on foil). The cabbage won’t take too long to brown on both sides.

7.  Steam it

Just like sautéing or boiling, steaming your cabbage is simple, but for a better flavor, you’ll want to add a few extra ingredients to your cabbage once it’s done. After steaming your shredded cabbage, mix it with butter, bacon drippings, salt, pepper, and other seasonings.

8. Eat it raw

Sliced fresh green cabbage on a wooden cutting board.
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Lastly, consider not even trying to cook your cabbage. Instead, enjoy your cabbage raw, in your favorite salads or slaws.

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