21 Best Napa Cabbage Recipes

Christine Johnson

By Christine Johnson

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Female chef holding basket with fresh Napa cabbage on light background.

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? One of these Napa cabbage recipes will definitely get you inspired.

Napa cabbage is one of those veggie chameleons that blend in with any dish. From salads to stir-fries, tacos, and dumplings, there are endless ways to incorporate the crisp, mild flavor of this leafy green into your cooking. 

If you thought cabbage was a source of empty calories, think again. A single cup of raw green cabbage can provide a hefty dose of Vitamin K, C, Folate, and Manganese (1). 

Even when cooked, you’ll still find an impressive amount of nutrients with very few calories, making Napa cabbage a great ingredient to bulk up a meal (2). 

So, are you sold on this leafy green? Good, because below, you’ll learn 21 of the best napa cabbage recipe that will take your taste buds on a flavor adventure. 

1. Traditional Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi is a fermented Korean staple that transforms napa cabbage into a spicy, flavor-packed delicacy.

While it requires some extra elbow grease and patience, making homemade kimchi is well worth the effort.

You can expect a tangy, fiery, and savory dish with a hint of funk from the fermentation process.

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2. Napa Cabbage Salad With Asian Dressing

This napa cabbage salad is a feast of textures, bringing together crisp, crunchy, and juicy ingredients in the same bite.

You combine green onion, oranges, cilantro, and a handful of other components to create this uber-refreshing salad.

It pretty much tastes like summer in a bowl and makes the perfect accompaniment for a backyard barbeque or picnic.

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3. Japanese Napa Cabbage Coleslaw

Shake up your summer slaw recipe by trying this Japanese-styled coleslaw.

This 5-ingredient wonder uses a base of chopped napa cabbage and carrots for a satisfying crunch.

The simple dressing only contains salt, mayo, and rice vinegar but bursts with tangy, bright flavors.

After mixing the sauce into the veggies, you’re looking at one cool, crisp coleslaw ready to be paired with your favorite barbecue.

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4. Chinese Napa Cabbage Soup

Prepare to be blown away by one of the most comforting soups you’ve ever had.

This Chinese napa cabbage soup pretty much tastes like a hug in a bowl, with a deep savory broth and perfectly-boiled carrots and napa cabbage.

You only need 7 ingredients to whip up a batch of this liquid comfort, and it comes together in under half an hour.

Be sure to bookmark this recipe for the next time you feel a cold coming on.

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5. Napa Cabbage Stir-Fry

Whether you need a quick side dish, easy lunch, or a simple main entree, this napa cabbage stir fry can do it all.

You won’t believe how much flavor is packed into this 5-ingredient wonder.

Savory, smoky bacon and umami-rich shiitake mushrooms infuse a mouthwatering taste into the napa cabbage.

And you can easily make it vegetarian by swapping in seitan for the bacon.

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6. Asian Stuffed Napa Cabbage Rolls

If you think cabbage rolls are among the most comforting dish out there, you have to try this Asian-inspired rendition.

You create a satisfying filling from ground beef or turkey, carrots, brown rice, and spices.

After spooning a generous helping into each leaf, roll it up and bake. It’s as easy as that!

You can have this crowd-pleasing dish ready for Sunday dinner in under an hour.

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7. Easy Sautéed Napa Cabbage

This sauteed napa cabbage is super easy to make. We’re talking, ready in under 10 minutes, easy.

This dish makes a sensational side with complex flavors from ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, and sesame seeds. The napa cabbage soaks up each ingredient like a sponge.

Feel free to toss in your protein of choice to transform this simple side into an exceptionally easy main course.

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8. Napa Cabbage Ramen Noodle Salad

Next time you’re in charge of bringing a side dish to a summer picnic, give this cabbage ramen salad a shot. There’s a high chance someone will be tracing you down to get the recipe after.

You can whip up this colorful salad in under 30 minutes, and the results will blow your taste buds away.

Expect a beautiful medley of crunchy, chewy textures bathed in a sweet and savory dressing.

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9. Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savory Pancake)

Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake loaded with lots of savory, umami flavors.

Chopped napa cabbage takes center stage in this recipe, followed by green onion, bacon, eggs, and bonito flakes.

Each pancake has a satisfying texture thanks to the cabbage and a hint of sweetness from the okonomiyaki sauce.

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10. Pork Dumpling with Napa Cabbage

Dumplings are one of the best ways to let napa cabbage shine. This recipe combines the leafy green with ground pork, dried shrimp, and a few flavoring agents.

After sinking your teeth into one of these bad boys, you can expect a savory, juicy mouthful held together by a pleasantly chewy wrapper.

While it takes around an hour and a half to make this recipe, it’s all worth it in the end.

Next time they forecast a snowy weekend, set aside an afternoon to make a batch of comforting dumplings.

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11. Sukiyaki

Whenever you host your next winter dinner party, cozy up with your guests over a steaming bowl of Japanese beef hot pot or Sukiyaki.

There’s a lot to love about this heartwarming bowl, between the well-marbled beef, simmered tofu, and plentiful veggies cooked in a sweet soy sauce broth.

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12. Sesame Chicken & Napa Cabbage Stir-Fry

This sesame chicken and napa cabbage stir fry is going to be your new weeknight savior.

It’s insanely delicious, packed with protein and nutrients, and only takes 30 minutes to make!

Plus, you can probably find most of the ingredients in your pantry as we speak.

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13. Cantonese Spring Rolls

Prepare to be blown away by these authentic Cantonese spring rolls.

While this recipe goes heavy on the ingredients, the prep work is straightforward: create a filling, roll it into store-bought wrappers, then fry until golden brown.

The only hard part about this recipe is stopping at just one!

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14. Korean Taco with Kalbi and Napa Cabbage Slaw

Next time you’re hosting Friday night football, make a batch of these Korean tacos. Your guests will obsess over them.

The kalbi marinade gives the short rib a sweet and juicy texture that melts in your mouth, and the napa cabbage slaw adds a crave-worthy crunch.

But this recipe doesn’t stop there. You create a homemade soy lime dressing for the slaw, a cherry tomato salsa, and a creamy gochujang sauce to drizzle on top. Talk about a stacked taco!

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15. Napa Cabbage Stir Fry with Mushrooms

If you’re looking for a quick and easy vegan side dish, check out this napa cabbage stir fry.

This 15-minute wonder uses a decent amount of ingredients, but it comes together in a breeze.

And trust me when I say the results will blow you away. Combining umami mushrooms, seared cabbage, and bright cilantro will take your taste buds on a flavor journey.

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16. Spicy Garlic Napa Cabbage

This recipe proves that napa cabbage makes an excellent blank slate for any spice combination.

In this case, you season the leafy green with soy sauce, green onions, red chili flakes, and lots of garlic.

You’ll love how much flavor there is from the garlic and green onions alone, but the red chili flakes kick it up a notch.

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17. Healthier Napa Cabbage Rolls

If you love your cabbage rolls drowned in sauce, I’ve got just the recipe for you.

These cabbage rolls are rich, heartwarming, and, best of all, healthy!

This nutritious take on the classic comfort food uses ground turkey, quinoa, and light oil to create the same delicious staple that won’t weigh you down.

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18. Stewed Napa Cabbage and Tofu with Vermicelli Noodles

This vegan stew is the perfect, heartwarming bowl to nuzzle next to after a walk in the snow.

The steaming broth is soothing enough, but the chewy glass noodles, spongy tofu, and soft napa cabbage amp up the comfort meter to a new level.

This 40-minute stew is sure to become your new favorite winter staple.

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19. Suan La Bai Cai (Hot and Sour Napa Cabbage)

This hot and sour cabbage is a flavorful delicacy that doubles as a practical staple.

It comes together quickly and requires a handful of relatively simple ingredients.

Serve this cabbage with a meaty main entree for a sensational side, or toss in some tofu for a healthy, flavor-packed lunch.

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20. Creamed Napa Cabbage Casserole

When I say that creamed napa cabbage casserole is going to become your new favorite comfort food, I’m not joking around. This recipe is the real deal.

You sauté napa cabbage, turkey bacon, and garlic in ghee, then bathe it in coconut cream. After transferring to a casserole dish, add mozzarella for extra cheesiness.

In the oven, the mozzarella becomes bubbly and brown. Serve with chopped chives for even more flavor.

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21. Napa Cabbage & Peanut Butter Chicken Stir-fry

At first glance, you might not think that cabbage and peanut butter belong in the same recipe.

But after giving this stir-fry a taste, you’ll instantly become a believer.

Expect a well-seasoned medley of rice, chicken, and veggies, all seared to perfection.

The peanut butter adds a rich, nutty texture balanced out by the tamari sauce and Dijon mustard.

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Female chef holding basket with fresh Napa cabbage on light background.

21 Best Napa Cabbage Recipes

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