cut of salted chocolate brownies

Salted Chocolate Brownies

Savor these Salted Chocolate Brownies, a delightful fusion of sweet and salty. This soft-baked treat boasts a fudgy center with a crisp crust, enhanced by a sprinkle of sea salt. Simple to make, hard to resist!

flatlay view of four chocolate coffee macarons arranged on a tea towel, each topped with decadent chocolate chunks

Chocolate Coffee Macarons

These chocolate coffee macarons are inspired by the best combination of espresso coffee and chocolate. Each macaron is sprinkled with crushed cacao nibs and filled with an espresso coffee and dark chocolate filling.

close up image of a freshly baked plum and almond tart

Plum and Almond Tart

Experience the perfect blend of sweet plums and nutty almonds in this Plum and Almond Tart. With a flaky crust and a luscious almond frangipane filling, this dessert is a delightful treat for any occasion.

cropped image of a single loaf of chocolate and ginger cake, showcasing the marbled interior

Chocolate and Ginger Loaf Cake

This chocolate and ginger loaf cake is a comforting, moist, and earthy cake made with a combination of powdered and fresh ginger, and chocolate. It requires simple ingredients and involves creating a marble pattern with ginger and chocolate mix, then baking and glazing with an orange juice glaze. Perfect for a cozy, rainy afternoon with a cup of tea.

cropped half view image of a chocolate praline cake poured with ganache on top and and star shaped buttercream

Chocolate Praline Cake

Savor a rich Chocolate Praline Cake, blending smooth chocolate sponge with crunchy homemade praline. Topped with luscious chocolate ganache, this dessert is both impressive and easy to make. Perfect for welcoming the new year or any special occasion!

an image of 3 lemon raspberry cupcakes topped with fresh raspberry

Lemon and Raspberry Cupcakes

The Summer may be a distant memory, or if you live where I do, it never really happened in the first place. So I decided to re-create summer in the kitchen! These lemon and raspberry cupcakes are the most lemony, raspberry(y?) cupcakes you’ll ever have. Trust me. They are light, and fluffy, and have just the right amount of lemon tang. Whenever these are around, they don’t last long!

close-up image of four french macarons with a chocolate ganache filling, elegantly presented on a pastry plate

How To Make French Macarons – A Detailed Guide

Discover the art of making French Macarons with this expert guide. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or new to the kitchen, these step-by-step instructions and tips will ensure success in creating these delicate treats in your kitchen.

Apricot and Lavender Tart

Indulge in this exquisite Apricot and Lavender Tart, a fusion of sweet apricots and aromatic lavender. This gluten-free and vegan delight is not only visually captivating but also relatively light, making it a perfect dessert choice

Candied Violets.

Candied Violets

To make candied violets, all you need is the flowers, some sugar, and something to get the sugar to adhere to the flowers. Candied violets make a beautiful decoration for cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries.

No-Bake Peaches and Cream Pie

No cooking or baking is needed to make this lovely pie. Fresh peaches and herb-infused whipped cream are a winning combination; the grain-free crust is easy to make and delicious.

Whole Lemon Bars.

Smitten Kitchen Whole Lemon Bars

This Whole Lemon Bars recipe was created by Deb at Smitten Kitchen. They’re prepared in a food processor and could not be easier to make (or more delicious). These bars feature one whole seeded lemon and a handful of kitchen staples, so give it a try today!

Italian Apple Cake

Gluten-Free Almond Flour Apple Cake (Torta di Mele)

If you’re looking for a gluten-free fall treat, you’ll love this version of an Italian Apple Cake. Made with almond flour and juicy apples, it delivers a moist and exquisite flavor that can be enjoyed either warm or cold.