Salted Chocolate Brownies

The chocolate brownie. It can be sticky, gooey, cakey, fudgey… and now salty. Salt and sweet has become such a craze in the last few years. It’s all on caramel, popcorn and chocolate bars, so naturally I thought “this needs to be on a brownie“. If you have never tried the salt/sweet combination before, this may sound crazy. I mean, why would anyone put sea salt all over the top of a cake? Maybe a tea spoon in the mixture, sure, but all over the top? Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

01 In a Line

The salt really brings out the chocolate flavour, and adds an almost cookie dough like flavour to the cake. This particular brownie is a soft bake, meaning that the middle remains fudgey and moist with a nice crust on the top, rather than being fully baked all the way through creating a more cake like texture. It will be slightly wobbly as it comes out of the oven, but that’s ok because it will keep setting up in the tin for a while as it cools.

01 Cooked in Tray

The only problem with these brownies, is that they are so good straight out of the oven, you have to execute a LOT of will power not to just eat the whole lot there and then. I mean, I had to keep tasting it to *REALLY* make sure it was the best recipe to share with all of you right? So it counts as a service, right? That’s what I’ll tell myself anyway.

These are also the easiest thing in the world to make. It’s literally a mix and go situation, who wouldn’t love that?

01 Ingredients with words

The butter is melted and the sugar mixed in to cool it slightly.

01 Butter and Sugar

Then the other ingredients are whisked in to make the thick brownie goodness. At the last minute, stir in some chocolate chips (but not too many) for good measure. It may not seem like a lot of chocolate chips for the amount of mixture, but that’s because adding too much solid chocolate will take away the fudgey texture, and no one wants that.

01 Dry Ingredients in Bowl

01 Mixed Mixture

01 Pouring Chips in

Now the magic happens. Sprinkle a good amount of flaked sea salt all over the top of the mixture so it is evenly distributed. Then bake. Simple as.

01 Raw Batter in tray

01 Slices in front of tray

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Salted Chocolate Brownies

Yields: 1 brownie

This recipe makes 1 brownie in a baking tray size (38cm x 25cm x 4cm).

340g Butter, melted,
680g Caster Sugar,
6 Eggs,
225g All Purpose Flour,
1 Tsp Baking Powder,
170g Cocoa Powder,
80g Chocolate Chips,
1 Pinch of Sea Salt

1. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Melt the butter in the microwave for 1 minute or on the stove. Do not let it brown (there are many lovely recipes for brown butter, but not this one!).

2. Add the caster sugar to the melted butter and thoroughly stir to cool the butter. Add the eggs and beat in with a large spoon, fork or similar utensil.

3. Add the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder to the butter mixture and mix with a spoon until combined. Add the chocolate chips and mix until evenly distributed.

4. Put the mixture in the tray and smooth with a knife so it’s flat on top. Sprinkle the sea salt evenly over the top of the batter.

5. Bake for 25-30 minutes until there is a slight crust on top, but the overall mixture is still slightly wobbly. Place on a cooling rack to cool, then slice directly from the tray and enjoy!

Images by Lauren Caris Short.