This blueberry green smoothie is a gorgeously purple and very satisfying healthy breakfast recipe that also happens to be incredibly nutrient-dense.

Blueberries are very high in antioxidants and I really love them. You could use any other seasonal, or frozen wild/organic berries in this healthy smoothie recipe, though.

I keep a large stash of berries and other fruits in the freezer at all times because my whole family loves smoothies. We have them for breakfast almost every day, especially when the weather is warm, because they are so easy to make and so yummy.

This blueberry green smoothie is dairy free and contains a few ingredients you might think are strange. If you are skeptical about the greens and the avocado, don’t worry: they generally go unnoticed because in these amounts, they don’t really change the color or the taste. Don’t skip them as they really enhance the nutritional profile here.

I typically add Greek yogurt or raw brown rice/whey protein powder or raw egg yolks to my smoothies for protein, because without the protein, I don’t usually feel full for long after a smoothie.

But lately I’ve been laying off the dairy and eating more raw foods (and I didn’t have any of the other ingredients in the house), so I was pleased to find this one worked for me (adding the greens, nuts, flax seeds and avocado definitely helps to mitigate the potentially blood-sugar-imbalancing effects of a fruit-only smoothie).

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  1. 1

    Katie — June 23, 2009 @ 2:21 pm

    I love the tip about soaking the pecans (I had no idea!). I’ve been making green smoothies lately, and this looks like a great one that I’ll have to try out!

  2. 2

    lucy — June 24, 2009 @ 7:50 am

    Thank you SO much for recommending our drink for your delicious tasting smoothie!
    We’d love to add the recipe to our website, with your permission?

  3. 3

    drwinnie — June 25, 2009 @ 6:04 am

    Hi Lucy,
    I love your coconut water and I would be honored!

  4. 4

    Julie — March 5, 2013 @ 9:19 am

    I’m on a healthy smoothie kick, and this is amazing! I don’t have a blendtec or vitamix, so I didn’t use the pecans- not sure if my kitchen aid would like that. I forgot ground flaxseed, but will definitely add next time for extra nutrition! I used soy milk instead of coconut water, and added two scoops of whey protein. Thanks for your easy, healthy recipes!