Candied Kumquats

Indulge in a symphony of sweetness and citrus with this easy Candied Kumquats recipe. Enjoy the delightful blend of tender kumquats caramelized in a warm, spiced syrup. Perfect as a garnish or standalone treat!

Potato Latkes

Celebrate Hanukkah with these crispy, golden latkes, a traditional Jewish dish symbolizing the miracle of the oil, made with grated potatoes and onions, fried to perfection, and best enjoyed fresh.

Cranberry Glogg.

Cranberry Mulled Wine (Glögg)

Warm up your winter with our Cranberry Glögg recipe! Our twist on the traditional Scandinavian mulled wine, it blends cranberry juice, spices, and a touch of brandy for a cozy, festive beverage.

Parsnip and Apple Soup.

Parsnip and Apple Soup

Warm up with a comforting bowl of Parsnip and Apple Soup. This velvety soup combines the sweetness of parsnips and apples with the savory touch of onions, garlic, and curry powder. Black lentils add heartiness, while vegetable chips provide a delightful crunch. Perfect for cozy evenings.

Sweet potato puree topped with pecan nuts in a bowl.

Spiced Sweet Potato Puree

This sweetly spiced sweet potato purée is a great dish for the fall. It doesn’t contain a lot of fat or added sugar, so it works just as well for a weekday dinner as on the holiday table.

Pickles cucumbers and garlic scapes

Pickled Cucumbers & Garlic Scapes

Embrace the art of lacto-fermentation with this simple pickle recipe. Fresh from the garden, cucumbers and dill meet farmer’s market garlic scapes for a tangy, nutritious treat.