A pile of apples with one apple with a leaf attached to it.

14 Best Apple Picking Orchards in Virginia (2023)

When the air turns crisp, heading to an orchard is a great way to spend time with loved ones, get outside, and collect ripe apples for baking or enjoying fresh off the tree. Many of the best apple-picking orchards in Virginia offer additional fall activities for both kids and adults, meaning you can spend all day celebrating the season.

A closeup of a branch of an apple tree with many apples.

11 Best Apple Picking Orchards in Massachusetts (2023)

Massachusetts grows several classic varieties of apples, from Braeburn to Golden Delicious and beyond. Many orchards offer events to celebrate the cooler weather, meaning you can turn your apple-picking day into much more.

A woman holding a wicker basket of apples in an apple orchard.

7 Best Apple Picking Orchards in Georgia

Georgia’s mild climate offers plenty of apple picking adventures. Many orchards host plenty of fall activities for both kids and adults to go along with a day of apple picking.

An adult and a child each holding onto a box of apples while they walk through an apple orchard.

13 Best Apple Picking Orchards in New York

New York is the second-largest apple-producing state in the nation, offering perfect conditions for growing both classic and newer varieties of fruit. Our guide shares the 13 best apple-picking orchards in New York.

Two women at an apple orchard playing with apples.

14 Best Apple Picking Orchards in New Jersey

When it comes to apples, New Jersey grows over thirty varieties across its coastal plains and rolling hills. It’s no surprise that this corner of the Northeast is known as the Garden State and is perfect for apple-picking.

Woman's hand picking a red apple from a tree.

Apple Picking Season 2023: The Essential Guide

Fall means it’s time to head to your local orchard to pick some fresh apples. Here, we’ll tell you when apple picking season is based on your region and the varieties you’re hunting, and share some of our top apple-picking tips and apple-based recipes.