13 Best Apple Picking Orchards in Rhode Island (2023)

Christine Johnson

By Christine Johnson

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Apple picking is an activity that locals and tourists seek out when visiting quaint Rhode Island as the weather gets cooler. As fall approaches, you may be wondering where the best apple picking spots are. You’ll be surprised to discover a plethora of apple picking destinations, in addition to fun fall activities you can participate in. 

A woman is outdoors holding a basket of apples surrounded by apple trees.

From corn mazes to pumpkin patches, Rhode Island can undoubtedly offer a fun fall experience for all ages. The great thing about little Rhody? It’s a small state so you can hit multiple orchards in one day and make the most of your Autumn apple picking adventure.

Check out some of these fantastic orchards, known for their delicious treats, fresh produce and wide varieties of you-pick apples!

1. Knight Farm

Address: 1 Snake Hill Road North Scituate, RI 

Nestled in rural North Scituate, this popular farm is well known for its on-site restaurant, bakery, and ice cream store. In addition to you-pick apples and pumpkins, you can stroll their forty-acre farm and then take a load off as you enjoy some of their delicious farm fresh meals. 

Expect to find fan favorites such as Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, and more at this popular farm. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a cider donut before you leave or one of their incredible candy gourmet apples!

2. Jaswell’s Farm

Address: 50 Swan Rd., Smithfield, 401-231-9043

Jaswell’s Farm is one of Smithfield’s hidden gems. Known for its extensive history, being established in the late 1800s, this adorable family-owned farm is the perfect orchard to grab a fun you-pick experience. 

They own the largest cider mill in the state so be sure to check out their freshly pressed cider and other treats in the bakery store. They are frequently visited year-round for their various fresh produce and delicious treats seasonally. Expect to find varieties like McIntosh and Cortland apples when you visit starting in early September. 

3. Steere Orchard

Address: 150 Austin Ave., Greenville, RI 

Steere Orchard, also located in the Smithfield area of Rhode Island, is popular for their wide variety of apple types. You can find your Honeycrisp and Gala in addition to Rhode Island Greening and Golden Delicious. For specialty types, Steere Orchard is a great destination if you want more of a unique selection. 

Seasonally, you can pick pumpkins and enjoy their homemade jams, jellies, apple butter, and more! Fall is beautiful at Steere Orchard- you can even enjoy a hayride if you plan accordingly! 

4. Barden Family Orchard

Address: 56 Elmdale Rd., North Scituate, RI

Visit North Scituate for a you-pick experience you won’t soon forget. For a true picking adventure, this farm is well known for its wide selection of apple types. Choose from over twenty different types starting as early as mid-August. Varieties include Jonagold, Rome Beauty, Granny Smith, and more.

When you visit in the fall, you can pick your own butternut squash, sweet corn, or pumpkins as well. With acres of land and rolling hills to wander, this picturesque orchard is the perfect apple-picking experience.

5. Pippin Orchard

Address: 751 Pippin Orchard Road, Cranston, RI 

When you visit Pippin Orchard, venture out to Cranston, RI, and find one of the best-groomed orchards in New England. Offering a variety of apples such as Gala, Cortland, Empire, and many more, you can’t go wrong with this local favorite.

Their bakery store is a must-visit from ciders and syrups to candy apples and more. You can also purchase farm-fresh eggs and milk. If you’re in the mood for specialty treats in addition to your apple picking, Pippin Orchard is a great option!

6. Sunset Orchard

Address: 244 Gleaner Chapel Rd. North Scituate, RI

This orchard is one of Rhode Island’s oldest, founded in 1910, and offers a wide variety of apples. They harvest over twenty-five different types of apples with over ten available for picking yourself! Find Gravenstein, Granny Smith, and more when you stroll their seventeen-acre orchard this fall.

If you happen to visit on the weekend, you can take a ride on the tractor-pull wagon. Starting in early September, you can enjoy fall treats such as cider, pies, and more. They are locally known for their variety of peaches in the late summer as well!

7. Narrow Lane Orchard

Address: 213 Narrow Lane, North Kingstown, RI

Starting in mid-August, this family-owned farm has over ten apple varieties to offer you. You can find Redfree, Honeycrisp, Macoun, and more when you visit in the fall months. They are also widely known for their peaches and nectarines, harvested in the summer months. 

This orchard offers a mile-long nature trail you won’t want to miss. Additionally, take a family photo with their resident Sasquatch as you stroll through this adorable farm. This straightforward take on apple picking is great for the whole family!

8. Dame Farm & Orchards

Address: 91B Brown Avenue Johnston, RI

This family-owned farm is a great place to take little ones. In addition to amazing varieties of apples and pumpkins to pick, you can participate in fun autumn activities such as corn mazes and wagon rides. They are locally known for their iconic sunflower field if you visit during the summer months! They have other fun varieties of seasonal flowers year-round as well, so be sure to grab some when you pick your perfect peck.

Expect to find an assortment that includes McIntosh, Gala, and Honeycrisp when you visit this scenic farm. Their farm store boasts a great variety of other fresh produce such as butternut squash, zucchini, and more!

9. Appleland Orchard

Address: 135 Smith Ave, Greenville, RI 

While this orchard may not be your typical you-pick layout, it is still a must-visit! The owners set this land up with beautiful decorations and you can walk through the pumpkin patches for a beautiful fall stroll. Their store has all of the apples in pecks, ready to go. Just grab your favorite after you’ve seen their perfect fall display.

Don’t forget to check out their cider donuts, candy apples, pie, and more. Varieties of apples will include McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Empire, Golden Delicious, and more starting in early September! 

10. Sweet Berry Farm

Address: 915 Mitchell’s Lane Middletown, RI

Visit Southern Rhode Island for a fun experience you won’t want to miss. Sweet Berry Farm offers an incredible selection of you-pick apples including Zestar, Golden Supreme, Crispin, and more. With an on-site artisan farmers market and cafe, you simply can’t go wrong with their hand-churned ice cream, fresh farm-to-table meals, and more. 

Known for their fantastic apple varieties, they also harvest berries, peaches, and pumpkins seasonally so be sure to check out their other products when you visit. This gorgeous, picturesque farm will provide you with the perfect fall stroll when you apple pick at Sweet Berry Farm!

11. Phantom Farms

Address: 2920 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland, RI 

Phantom Farms is a local favorite, known for boasting its fabulous pies, cakes, and more. Their bakery whips up incredible dishes such as French Meat Pie and offers gourmet candy apples you will love trying. This classic Rhode Island orchard has over ten different apple varieties, including Honeycrisp and Macoun. 

Stroll acres of land and pick your ideal peck when you visit. Check out their farm stand with other fresh produce that is grown seasonally for all to enjoy. You can even sit down at the cafe and relax, taking in the scenic views. 

12. Elwood Orchard

Address: 58 Snake Hill Rd, North Scituate, RI

The unique thing about Elwood Orchards is that the majority of this farm is certified organic so you know you’re getting quality pecks when you visit. With over 1,000 fruit trees including apples, pears, and nectarines, this family-owned farm is a must-see. There are even plentiful amounts of dwarf trees so little ones can embark on an apple-picking adventure!

Discover unusual apple varieties such as Bonkers, Freedom, and Pixie Crunch at this exciting orchard. Starting in early September, you can grab these organic, juicy apples. On-site, you can enjoy gourmet garlic, pumpkins, flowers, honey, and more. 

13. Rocky Brook Orchard

Address: 997 Wapping Rd., Middletown, RI

This southern Rhode Island favorite has a plethora of early-season apples ready for picking in late August. Find gems such as Zestar, Silken, and Ginger Gold. As the season progresses, this farm will have offered over 100 (!) different varieties of you-pick apples just waiting to be picked. 

Throughout the season, they also offer quince and pears so get your hands ready to pick some good ones! This no-thrills orchard is great if you want a wide variety of fruits and a nice stroll through acres and acres of picturesque beauty.