Why Charcutepalooza Rocks (aka My Better Late Than Never BlogHer Food Recap)

Tomorrow is this month’s charcutepalooza “reveal”, and I was planning to include these photos from Cathy, Kim, and Sean’s sausage-making demo at BlogHer Food in that post.

While I was looking them over, however, I got to thinking about what fun this all was- in no other BlogHer Food session were you able to get a cute pig tattoo or eat such tasty snacks- and I realized these photos are more than worthy of their own blog post. Since I never got around to writing up a post summarizing the conference, I’m calling this my “better late than never BlogHer Food recap”.

I can not say enough what a terrific session this was. Despite some early challenges (like procuring the Kitchen Aid stand mixers and all the meat, etc. needed to pull off the demo), Sean, Cathy, and Kim did a great job and we participants had so much fun. Who knew making and stuffing sausage was such a great way to bring people together? Charcutepalooza rocks :)

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18 thoughts on “Why Charcutepalooza Rocks (aka My Better Late Than Never BlogHer Food Recap)”

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  2. Winnie: it was such a fun session (great learning and lots of giggles): I really enjoyed re-living it via your super photos. (P.s. I actually like later posts, they are a delayed suprise)

  3. I was truly sad to miss this session — I think it alone would have been worth the ticket price. Glad I was able to get a sense of it through these great photos, Winnie.

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  5. To me, that session was the ideal BlogHer Food session. It was interactive, with great participation by the audience, and we all walked away with new information – not to mention some new tattoos and friends, even. Your photos are great, Winnie!
    ps – Miss you! xo

  6. Love these photos Winnie. From all the photos/recaps I’ve seen of BlogHerFood – it seems the Charcutepalooza demo really was one of the main highlights. It looks like everyone had such a blast!

  7. My goodness, your photos are fantastic. Sorry I missed all the fun, but thank you for the photos. Next best thing to being there.