When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons Part 1

The winner of the Garden of Life Giveaway, chosen at random, was Heather. Thank you all for sharing your amazing smoothie ideas; I truly enjoyed reading through each and every comment.

Guess what? I won an online giveaway recently too, and a five pound box of Meyer lemons landed on my doorstep as a result. Thanks to Wine Imbiber for this awesome treat!

These lovely orbs arrived just in time for another snow fall in my area…


…so I had an excuse to stay home and play with my lemons all day.


Do you remember when I had some Meyer lemons last month and I made this lemon pudding and this lemon cream tart? I wasn’t sure what to make next, so I asked my friends on Facebook for some ideas. Quite a few of them mentioned lemonade, of course!

While I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean green lemonade, you should definitely try this if you’ve got a juicer.

greenlemonade275Green lemonade is a sweet juice treat high in enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

I first learned about it from Natalia Rose’s book The Raw Food Detox Diet. This book was one of the first I read about the raw foods diet, and I think it’s a great introduction to incorporating more raw foods into your diet.

I love this as a refreshing, cleansing drink first thing in the morning; it’s so much better for you than coffee or tea! Yes, cleaning the juicer is kind of a pain, but I promise it’s worth it…

Green Meyer Lemonade Recipe


*1 bunch Romaine lettuce
*1 handful of dark greens (I used frissee because it’s what I had on hand; you could also use kale, collards, etc.)
*1 1/2 whole Meyer lemons
*1-2 green apples
*1 small hunk of peeled fresh ginger- optional


Process through your juicer and drink immediately. Sip slowly and enjoy every last drop. If you don’t have a juicer, you can make this in a high speed blender (so it’s a green smoothie) instead.

Next, as an experiment of sorts, I started a batch of naturally fermented ginger Meyer lemon soda.


To do so, I adapted this natural soda recipe from LearningHerbs.com, which I’ve made several times with berries. This time I used fresh ginger and Meyer lemon juice, plus the natural homemade soda culture I already had on hand in my fridge. It’s going to need a little while to “ferment”, so I’ll let you know how it works out.

When I squeezed the lemons for the lemon soda, I didn’t want to waste anything, so I made candied lemon peels.


I used this recipe from Phoo-D.

I’ve never made any kind of candied citrus peel before, but I am definitely a convert now. I used a lavender sugar (organic sugar infused with lavender flowers) that I put together last summer, and it’s a really delicious combination with the lemon peel. Truly like candy…addictive…


Lastly, I made this lemon ice cream recipe from epicurious.

I used Meyer lemons, of course, and I added my candied lemon peel instead of making the meringue. Instead of the 1 1/2 cups cream, I used 1 cup of buttermilk and 1/2 cup of creme fraiche. I figured this would work out well since Meyer lemons are sweeter than regular lemons…and I was right. It was terrific.


I’ve still got lots of lemons left, so stay tuned for Part 2!

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12 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons Part 1”

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  2. Buttermilk and creme fraiche…divine. I made lemon frozen yogurt with Greek Yogurt – it was better than I could have hoped for. Great post, Winnie! Can’t wait for part 2.

  3. I’ve been thinking about buying a juicer (those Jack LaLanne infomercials are starting to get to me!) and the raw drink looks wonderful. Glad that the candied peels worked out for you! I’ve made that ice cream recipe before too, and it is also a winner.

  4. I have two meyer lemons right now. I’m thinking of making Bittman’s lemon-almond tart. But, I love the idea of candying any leftover lemon peel. I only wish I had lavender sugar — I bet that’s wonderful with the lemon…

  5. Wow! I really want to go find me some lemons now!! These recipes look great! Just finished off a great green smoothie for breakfast, but that lemonade one looks delicious!

  6. Laura- if you make it in a blender, it’s a green smoothie. Thicker and with lots of fiber- still delicious- but pulpy. You may want to add water to thin it out…

    Agnes- thank you so much!