Weekend Herb Blogging #274

While I don’t participate in Weekend Herb Blogging every week, I find that hosting the event is always a treat because of all the interesting ingredients and recipes I learn about from around the world. Without further ado, here is this week’s lovely round-up (with entries in no particular order).

1. Joanne from Eats Well with Others in NYC sent in this fabulous Roasted Leg of Lamb with Tzatziki and Pomegranate Tabouli.

I don’t usually like lamb but this dish might make me change my ways.

2. Claudia, who blogs at Honey From Rock in Hawaii, made something I’ve enjoyed at my favorite local Greek restaurant but have never made at home: Skordalia.

She put it on top of salmon and served it with Greek Salad in what must be a super flavorful dish.

3. Haalo from Cook Almost Anything in Australia shared her recipe for Lemon Posset.

Wish I could have a spoonful of that yumminess right now.

4. Janet from The Taste Space in Toronto created a Tagine of Lima Beans, Cherry Tomatoes and Black Olives.

This dish sounds and looks amazing!

5. Shu Han blogs from London at Mummy I Can Cook and she used mandarin oranges as the “secret ingredient” in this Five Spice Roast Poussin recipe.

Shu Han- this meal looks delicious!

6. Brii lives in Italy and blogs at BriiBlog in English.

She kindly submitted these simple and stunning Potato Cakes, which look like perfect comfort food.

7. Sue from You Can Do It At Home in Melbourne, Australia shared these intriguing Black Sesame Macarons.

Both the shells and the filling employ black sesame seeds: I would love to give these a try.

8. Anna, our third contributor from Australia, and the blog Morsels and Musings, introduced me to finger limes with her Finger Lime Elderflower Gin Fizz.

I love how she calls the drink a “marriage of Sweden and Australia”, just like Anna and her husband…lovely.

9. Chris from Melecotte in Atlanta, GA made Sauteed Cabbage with Onions and Pancetta.

This sounds like a terrific combination to me.

10. Anh, our fourth contributor from Australia, blogs at Anh’s Food Blog wrote an informative piece about her discovery of fresh pistachios.

I love her suggestion for blending them into a dairy-free pistachio milk.

11. Cinzia from Garda Lake, Italy shared these delectable bacon wrapped Scallops over Cauliflower Cream

…don’t they look and sound incredibly tasty?

12. Nilam from Indonesia (and the new-to-me blog GrowinKitchen) shared these beautiful lacy pancakes.

They are a savory dish served in Asia…made with coconut milk…swoon!

13. And finally, my personal submission to this event was Fresh carrot juice embellished with red apple, fresh ginger, and Meyer lemon

…a nourishing drink for trying times.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Herb Blogging #274”

  1. ciao Winnie,
    thank’s for hosting!
    wonderful roundup with a lot of things to try immediately!
    have a nice week

  2. I always love the new ingredients and dishes I find on WHB as well! What a fabulous round-up! Thanks for being such an excellent hostess!