Tangerine Sugar Body Scrub

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I love making homemade body products, and scrubs made with sugar (or salt) are particularly easy to put together. They are pretty inexpensive and another plus: they’re free of the potentially toxic chemicals that similar store-bought products may contain.

Tangerine Sugar Scrub from www.healthygreenkitchen.com

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with tangerines lately, so I used tangerine essential oil, as well as tangerine zest, to scent this scrub. Tangerine essential oil is said to be calming to the mind as well as uplifting to the spirit, which all sounds good to me, but you could certainly use a different essential oil (such as lavender) if you like. In fact, in the photo above, the brown sugar scrub was made with lavender essential oil.

Though I do enjoy the way my skin feels when I exfoliate with sugar (or salt) scrubs, it’s important to note that these can be pretty abrasive. I wouldn’t use this or a similar product on a daily basis because you will quickly strip away your skin’s natural oils if you do. I like to use this type of scrub once or twice a week at most. (According to Dina Falconi, author of Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair: Natural and Healthy Personal Care for Every Body, it’s better to use scrubs made from ground grains and seeds if you like to scrub frequently. These gently cleanse and polish, without stripping away the skin’s protective oils.) Another caution: be sure to use care on sensitive areas of your body, such as your face.

I store my scrubs in pretty glass jars. Weck jars are perfect (I used the 1/5 L size, which are slightly smaller than these, but both sizes will work).

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Tangerine Scrub from www.healthygreenkitchen.com

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Tangerine Scrub from www.healthygreenkitchen.com
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Recipe for Tangerine Sugar Scrub

This is an easy homemade body scrub that takes just minutes to make.
Prep Time2 minutes
Total Time2 minutes
Servings: 1 cup


  • *1 cup white sugar or use light brown sugar
  • *1/2 cup sweet almond oil or use a combination of avocado and sweet almond oils
  • *1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • *10 drops more or less tangerine essential oil (or use another essential oil, such as lavender)
  • *1 teaspoon tangerine zest optional


  • 1. Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. If the scrub seems too oily to you, add a bit more sugar (conversely, if it seems to dry, add a bit more oil). Transfer to a container with a tight-fitting lid for storage away from sunlight: it should keep for a while. Scoop out some to use on your body when you are in the shower; after use, rinse and gently pat yourself dry with a towel so some of the oil from the scrub remains on your skin.

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