Apple, Pear, and Rosemary Cobbler (Gluten-Free)

Fall is a pretty special time of the year to live where I do. As the days get shorter, and the chlorophyll starts to disappear from all of the leaves but the evergreens, a spectacular display of oranges, reds, and yellows is revealed. The fall foliage never ceases to amaze me, even though I’ve lived … Read more

Red Potato Frittata with Kale and Rosemary

I love having chickens. They are easy to care for. And remarkably entertaining. The constant supply of organic eggs is pretty darn cool, too. Since I’ve always got eggs on hand, I make frittatas a lot. They’re so easy to customize and can be served warm or made ahead and reheated later; I also love … Read more

Caramel Popcorn with Rosemary

This popcorn- this sweet, salty, flecked with rosemary popcorn- was my dinner the other night. Why? Because what was supposed to be my dinner didn’t really work out: I neglected to turn my oven off so the root vegetables I was roasting ended up, well, black. Then I burned my crispy kale, too. In the … Read more

Project Food Blog Challenge #6: A Family Picnic

Hooray! I made it to Round 6 of Project Food Blog! I really appreciate the support you’ve shown me during this competition. Should you decide to cast another vote for my blog, you can do so by following this link and clicking on the red heart at the top of the page. For Challenge #6, … Read more