Project Food Blog Challenge #7: Video 411

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your votes in Project Food Blog. I am very grateful that I made it through the previous round and was able to create another entry for this contest. For challenge #7, Foodbuzz asked the 48 remaining contestants to “channel your inner Julia Child and put one … Read more

Project Food Blog Challenge #1 Voting is Open

If you read this post, you know that I’m competing in Project Food Blog (which officially kicks off today). Only 400 contestants will move on to Round 2, and I’d really love to advance. If you’d like to vote for my blog, you can do so here. Voting for this round is open until 6PM … Read more

Project Food Blog Challenge #1…Ready, Set, Blog!

Project Food Blog Challenge #1 Ready, Set, Blog! It’s Project Food Blog showtime, folks. This post is my official entry into the contest, a contest in which I am up against almost 2000 other bloggers (all of whom are Foodbuzz Featured Publishers). Each of us is vying for the title of “The Next Food Blog … Read more