Preserving in Vinegar

It’s Week 3 of Preserve the Bounty and Jenny challenged us to use vinegar as a preservation medium. I love preserving in vinegar. Vinegar is an acid, and acids have the ability to draw out minerals. If you add some vinegar in the liquid when you make stocks with bones, this will help bring the … Read more

Basil Preserved in Olive Oil

For week 2 of Preserve the Bounty, Jenny challenged us to preserve some of our summer produce in oil or another fat. I’ve put together various combinations of garden-fresh herbs, calendula (marigold) flowers, sun-dried tomatoes, and chile peppers in olive oil before, and I really enjoyed the results. Allowing these foods to steep in a … Read more

Cortido (Salvadoran Sauerkraut)

Cortido (aka curtido) is a variation on sauerkraut that hails from El Salvador. It is typically served in that country alongside a dish called pupusas. I enjoy “regular” sauerkraut well enough (I’ve blogged about it before: here and here), but was looking for something else to make with my homegrown cabbage in honor of the … Read more