Nectarines in Spiced Rum Syrup

It’s Week 4 of The Nourished Kitchen’s Preservation challenge and Jenny asked us to use the “time-honored tradition” of preserving summer’s bounty in alcohol. Preserving in alcohol works very well with fruit, and I’ve successfully used this technique before. One of my favorite recipes for doing so is Nigella Lawson’s Figs in Rum Syrup, a … Read more

Lime, Mango, and Nectarine Smoothie

Yes, folks, I am cheating a little here. I am taking care of three letters (“L”, “M”, and “N”) with one simple recipe, a Lime, Mango and Nectarine Smoothie…I’m doing this to accommodate my Daring Kitchen schedule; hope you don’t mind. Considering how smoothie-crazy I was a few months ago, it’s actually been a little … Read more