When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons Part 1

The winner of the Garden of Life Giveaway, chosen at random, was Heather. Thank you all for sharing your amazing smoothie ideas; I truly enjoyed reading through each and every comment. Guess what? I won an online giveaway recently too, and a five pound box of Meyer lemons landed on my doorstep as a result. … Read more

Meyer Lemon Cream Tart

It’s been a week of some serious treats at my house. It all started last Saturday with this birthday cake for my daughter. Then, there was the Daring Baker’s challenge. Next, these killer chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes for a Food52 contest… And finally…this lemon cream tart. A tart so delicious, I can’t seem to find … Read more

Meyer Lemon Pudding (Mostly Raw and Vegan)

When I found Meyer lemons at my local Hannaford’s market last week, I did a little happy dance. I’ve been hoping they’d show up in my area for many weeks now, ever since I saw this Meyer lemon tart recipe over at Food52. Meyer lemons are said to be a cross between a lemon (the … Read more