Mango Lassi

Well, we made it through Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene in one piece. I feel so lucky that we didn’t have any damage to our property and we never lost power…a big hooray for that! Much of my town is flooded, however, so we’re still pretty much holed up here at home until the water recedes… … Read more

Deeba’s Mango Ice Cream

When Amanda came up with the idea to form a secret recipe club, I just knew it would be a blast; I was thrilled when I was assigned to make something from one of my very favorite sites: Passionate About Baking. I’ve admired Deeba’s blog for a long time. She’s got serious talent: both as … Read more

Lime, Mango, and Nectarine Smoothie

Yes, folks, I am cheating a little here. I am taking care of three letters (“L”, “M”, and “N”) with one simple recipe, a Lime, Mango and Nectarine Smoothie…I’m doing this to accommodate my Daring Kitchen schedule; hope you don’t mind. Considering how smoothie-crazy I was a few months ago, it’s actually been a little … Read more