Lentil Soup with Rosemary

It is often said that the secret of a great soup is great stock; this flavorful lentil soup with rosemary is no exception.

lentil soup | healthy green kitchen

After Thanksgiving, I used my turkey carcass to make a huge pot of turkey stock from which I was able to freeze about 15 quarts. Having homemade stock in the freezer is great for when I want to make soup. In this cold weather, it’s pretty often.

Making stock is quite simple. Here is how I make chicken stock (I made the turkey stock pretty much the same way). If you don’t have homemade stock on hand, use organic store bought chicken or vegetable stock (or you can use water, though the soup won’t be as rich).

I love lentils because they are high in protein and they cook so quickly; this easy lentil soup comes together in under an hour, and it makes a great appetizer, or a nice lunch or light dinner with crackers or a slice of homemade bread and a salad.

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