How to Grow Your Own Garlic

seed garlic

My whole family adores garlic… I use it in my cooking just about every day and my 10 year old daughter even eats it raw! In order to have a constant supply, I started growing my own a few years ago.

One of the great things about growing your own garlic is that each clove you plant matures into a full head. Also, there are many types of garlic you can grow that are far more beautiful and nuanced in flavor than the standard variety you’ll find in a grocery store.

The garlic you buy in the store has been treated with growth inhibitors: it’s definitely not garlic you should plant. Instead, look for “seed garlic” from a local or online gardening source. My daughter and husband recently attended the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival (an annual event in my area that draws thousands of visitors) and in addition to eating their fill of chocolate chip cookies and other fun things made with garlic, they brought me home a bunch of different organic varieties for planting.

seed garlic

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