A Pie For Mikey

My friend Jennie’s husband died suddenly last Sunday. Mikey loved peanut butter cream pie, and Jennie asked us to make it in his honor today. I used Jennie’s recipe, but in order to accommodate the various food needs of the crowd I’ll be eating with tonight, I used gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies, gluten-free chocolate, and … Read more

Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes


Life got in the way of the last two Gluten Free Ratio Rally events for me, but when I saw that participants were making cake this month, I just had to get back in on the fun. The purpose of the Ratio Rally is to get us more comfortable and confident baking gluten-free by using … Read more

Clam Chowder

The weather here has been quite lovely, but there’s definitely a fall chill in the air. Because chilly weather goes hand in hand with soup, (and because I recently ordered sustainable Manila clams from Vital Choice), I made clam chowder for the very first time. This soup is adapted from Donna Hay Magazine, a publication … Read more