Elizabeth Plumb Artisan Jewelry $100 Gift Card Giveaway

I have met some incredibly talented individuals through blogging: today I’d like to introduce you one of them…jewelry designer Elizabeth Plumb! Elizabeth lives at the base of the Rocky mountains. She’s avid outdoorswoman with three small kids, and she spends her evenings designing beautiful jewelry. Her grandfather owned a jewelry shop when she was a … Read more

Albion Fit Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Albion Fit. The opinions expressed herein are 100% mine. I spend a good deal of time in exercise clothes. I am a big fan of being comfortable…what can I say? So when Albion Fit contacted me about reviewing one of their items and hosting a giveaway, I did not … Read more

10K Facebook Fan Giveaway

10K Facebook Fan Giveaway at www.healthygreenkitchen.com

I recently made a promise on my blog’s Facebook page that if I got 10,000 “likes” before the end of May, I would host a giveaway. Well, I reached that goal (and then some), so here you go! For this giveaway, I decided to put together a package of things I love from Amazon.com…that way, … Read more

Weck Jar Giveaway

Weck jar giveaway from www.healthygreenkitchen.com

Weck jar giveaway from www.healthygreenkitchen.com

Have you discovered Weck glass jars yet? They’re beautiful and so very wonderful to have around the kitchen. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for storing a great many things: from herbs and spices to nuts and seeds and dried beans to fresh juice. You can also make and store homemade body products in them (this is a tangerine sugar scrub, the recipe for which I will share in a separate post)…

Tangerine Scrub from www.healthygreenkitchen.com

…and you may water-bath can in them, too. Below you see tangerine vanilla marmalade (yup, I do love tangerines). The recipe is from Marmalade: Sweet and Savory Spreads for a Sophisticated Taste.

Tangerine Marmalade from www.healthygreenkitchen,com

One of the best things about these jars is that they are made of thick glass to withstand boiling and sterilization. Also, the glass lids are immune to rusting and may be used many times (and since they are made of glass and not aluminum, there is none of the BPA coating that is found on metal canning jar lids). If you are interested in canning in Weck jars, be sure to familiarize yourself with the these guidelines from Weck. Also, please read this helpful post from Marisa over at Food in Jars.

I love Weck jars, but they are a little pricey. So I was really excited when Mighty Nest asked if they could send some jars to me. What’s Mighty Nest? It’s an online store specializing in natural, non-toxic products for the kitchen and home. Mighty Nest offers an incredibly comprehensive selection of beautiful, durable items that are 100% free of harmful chemicals: it’s the perfect place to shop for many of your green living needs.

Mighty Nest has also generously offered to send a Weck jars prize pack to one of my readers.

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EcoJarz Giveaway

EcoJarz Giveaway on Healthy Green Kitchen

When I ran my giveaway for the Heritage Collection Ball Jars, I promised I’d be doing another giveaway soon for EcoJarz lids. So here you go!

EcoJarz giveaway from Healthy Green Kitchen

EcoJarz are eco-friendly lids that make drinking out of reusable glass jars easy and pleasurable. They come in stainless steel and silicone, ideal materials because they are non-reactive and contain no BPA or phthalates (chemicals that may disrupt the endocrine system, interfering with the balance of hormones in the body).

These lids can be used “as is”; they also accomodate some of the reusable straws that are on the market, such as those made from glass and stainless steel. (The EcoJarz website actually sells the perfectly-sized stainless steel straws.)

The folks at EcoJarz are awesome and sent me a few of these to keep, plus some more to give away. So I will send three lucky readers a pair of jar toppers (each winner will receive 1 made of stainless steel and 1 made of silicone).

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