One Simple Change: Grow Your Own

Welcome to my 24th One Simple Change post, my friends! {New here? Wondering what the heck is One Simple Change? It’s my year-long series of posts that focus on small changes…changes that when practiced and cultivated into habits will help improve the quality of your life and help make you a healthier person.} Today I’d … Read more

One Simple Change: Get Closer to Your Food

This past weekend was my son Dylan’s Bar Mitzvah. It was everything we were hoping it would be and much, much more…thank you all for the sweet wishes leading up to and on my family’s special day. The timing of the event- right at the end of school/beginning of summer for my kids- means I’ve … Read more

Organic Garden Early August

Somehow a month has passed, so it’s time for my monthly organic vegetable garden update. Organic Garden Early August Highlights It continues to be an incredibly rainy summer. My vegetables would like more sun, I’m sure, but they seem to be happy enough. The cucumbers in particular, with their high water content, are growing very … Read more

Organic Garden Early July

It’s been about a month since I first posted about our new organic garden, so I thought I’d share some photos of my kitchen vegetable garden now that it’s early July. Despite the fact that the weather was terrible and it rained nearly everyday in June, my organic vegetable garden is growing very well. I … Read more