Cucumber Sorbet

I know what you’re thinking. Cucumber sorbet? I admit it’s a strange idea to get used to but it’s delicious, I promise. Food52 held a cucumber contest a few weeks ago and I was inspired to incorporate cucumbers into a frozen dessert after seeing Drbabs recipe for cucumber mint ice cream. The first time I … Read more

Ceviche with an Asian Flair

Ceviche (also known as seviche and cebiche) is a dish made by marinating fish and/or seafood in an acidic liquid which “denatures” the protein. Because you are able to “cook” the fish without any heat, ceviche is a great meal to make in the summer. You can make ceviche with any firm white fleshed fish … Read more

Amaranth Tabouli

Amaranth is an extremely tiny, yet extremely nutritious seed that cooks up like a grain (like quinoa). It is gluten-free and high in protein, calcium and magnesium. It has a really interesting flavor, and I really enjoyed it in this amaranth tabouli. This tabouli (aka tabbouleh) recipe is adapted from one I saw in Saveur … Read more

Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint Salad

You’re probably thinking that I am really stretching the seasonality concept here…a watermelon salad in New York in October? Well, here’s the deal. I grew this cute little yellow watermelon in my garden and it’s been in my refrigerator for a while…I’d pretty much forgotten about it, in fact, but for it being “W” day! … Read more

Watermelon Soup with Cucumber Lime and Cilantro

It’s August in New York and it’s really hot! When the weather tops 90 degrees, it is really important to stay hydrated (especially if you are working, exercising, or otherwise spending time outside) and here is a great watermelon soup recipe for doing just that. This watermelon soup with cucumber, lime and cilantro is cool … Read more