One Simple Change: Add Some Culture

homemade asian sauerkraut

Welcome to Week 6 of One Simple Change! If you are not familiar with my OSC series, here’s what it’s all about: I’m giving you a new and different healthy lifestyle tip just about every week in 2012. These tips are holistic, and if you practice them and cultivate them into habits, they’ll improve the … Read more

Pickled Radishes with Carrots and Green Garlic


I’ve confessed before that despite growing them in my garden, I am not really a big fan of raw radishes. I find them passable when slathered with butter, and eat them in salads only when there’s a sweet element or two to balance their “bite” (like here). Recently, I discovered that radishes are quite excellent … Read more

Coconut Carrot Soup

I had a ton of ideas for the letter “C”…I considered couscous with chickpeas, challah, and a bunch of others, but I settled on this creamy coconut carrot soup with curry and cilantro… This is a pretty soup that’s just perfect for cooler fall weather. Carrots (and sweet potato) are high in nutrients including beta-carotene … Read more