EcoJarz Giveaway

EcoJarz Giveaway on Healthy Green Kitchen

When I ran my giveaway for the Heritage Collection Ball Jars, I promised I’d be doing another giveaway soon for EcoJarz lids. So here you go!

EcoJarz giveaway from Healthy Green Kitchen

EcoJarz are eco-friendly lids that make drinking out of reusable glass jars easy and pleasurable. They come in stainless steel and silicone, ideal materials because they are non-reactive and contain no BPA or phthalates (chemicals that may disrupt the endocrine system, interfering with the balance of hormones in the body).

These lids can be used “as is”; they also accomodate some of the reusable straws that are on the market, such as those made from glass and stainless steel. (The EcoJarz website actually sells the perfectly-sized stainless steel straws.)

The folks at EcoJarz are awesome and sent me a few of these to keep, plus some more to give away. So I will send three lucky readers a pair of jar toppers (each winner will receive 1 made of stainless steel and 1 made of silicone).

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