Spicy Crispy Kale with Lime

I’m a huge fan of kale. If you follow this blog, you know that I include kale in my recipes, from soups to smoothies, all the time. It’s so very good for you, with all those bone building minerals in particular, that I just can’t help loving it.

So it’s no surprise to see kale here again.

But this recipe is a little different- it’s a kale recipe for those of you who might still be on the fence about eating kale. And it’s for kids, too. I am not promising that every child will like this, but my 10 year old and I fought over who got to finish off this plate of spicy crispy kale with lime…

My first experience with baked kale came when I made Lauren Ulm’s recipe from her book Vegan Yum Yum for my Foodbuzz 24,24,24 post in December. Lauren’s recipe uses just a touch of sesame oil and very little salt. It was so simple…yet it was also a revelation. Who knew baking kale could result in such “deliciousness”?

Soon I noticed that I was clearly not the only one to succumb to the charms of baked kale. Across the blogosphere, I saw many of my colleagues singing the praises of crispy kale, too:

Jaden’s Crispy Kale
Monica Bhide’s Chaat Masala Kale Chips
Not Derby Pie’s Kale Chips
The Kitchn’s Crispy Kale
Vegan Visitor’s Roasted Kale

So I made more. And lots of it (I’ve now made this baked kale recipe three days in a row). It’s so easy and so good! What I love most is that you can vary this recipe in so many ways. Keep it super plain, or spice it up a little with a seasoned salt, as I’ve done here.

To make the seasoned salt, I mixed 1 teaspoon of course sea salt with a pinch of ground chipotle pepper (I used Spice Islands brand). You won’t use all of this to season the kale (it would be way too salty), so you’ll have a some left over for next time. If you don’t really want your kale to be spicy, but you enjoy a smoky flavor, then you could make your salt with smoked paprika instead.

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Spicy Kale Chips


  • *1/2-1 bunch of clean and dry organic kale chopped into bite-sized pieces (remove any tough stems)
  • *1-2 Tb. olive oil
  • *1-2 large pinches of spicy seasoned course salt- see above
  • *juice from 1/2 lime or to taste- optional


  • 1. Preheat your oven to 325°F.
  • 2. Drizzle some oil over the kale and "massage" it into the leaves. The kale I used for this post was an unusually large bunch. I'd say I used half the bunch and 1-2 tablespoons of oil.
  • 3. I'd like to point out here that you should go ahead and taste the raw oiled kale. It is actually pretty yummy just like this (at least I think so). Sometimes I make a salad with raw kale that's been oiled and allowed to sit for a few hours. But I'll save that for another post.
  • 4. Next, you'll want to spread your oiled kale onto a sheet pan...And then bake in your preheated oven for about 20 minutes. Bake until the edges are just crispy, but the kale is still quite bright green. Do not overcook!
  • 5. As soon as you take your kale chips out of the oven, sprinkle with a few pinches of the spicy salt and then squeeze on the optional lime. Enjoy your kale crispies...and remember to share with your children!

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15 thoughts on “Spicy Crispy Kale with Lime”

  1. Wow these sound tasty. I’ve had plain kale chips before, made by my mum, and my niece and nephew went crazy over them (both typically picky eaters!). From a nutrition angle, the lime (or lemon) is a great addition! Because the citric acid helps our bodies to better access all of the nutrients in the kale (calcium, etc). Before your recipe, I didn’t know that ‘massaging’ the kale leaves helps to tenderize them!

  2. So last night I was searching the web for some recipes for kale. Kale is very new to me and I have only cooked it once (which turned out bitter and awful). I had read about kale crisps on other websites, but was a bit skeptical. I ran across this blog last night and I have to say that it is fantastic!!!! I kept printing out new recipes to try (Homemade Poptarts sound delicious!) Anyways, I decided that I needed to use that bunch of kale that I had sitting in my fridge and made this recipe last night. It was soooo soooo good!!! I changed up the spices a bit with some garlic and pepper, but the squeeze of lime after I pulled them out of the oven was amazing! I’m definitely obsessed with anything lime and this was just downright delicious. I will be making again for my roommates and boyfriend this weekend. Thanks for the recipe!

    (P.S. This is the first time I’ve ever posted a comment on any blog or any recipe site….that is how delicious and excited I am about those Limey Kale Crisps!)

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  4. I love baked kale!! I’ll be making some tomorrow. I have a hard time not eating the whole batch! I also use olive oil and them sprinkle it with a homemade all-purpose seasoning made with celtic sea salt &/or Redmonds sea salt, organic pepper, oregano, turmeric, parsley, onion powder and garlic powder (I use this on just about everything). When I need a crunchy chip type fix this does the trick! I must confess I do like it a little more crispy. Can’t wait to try your version! Happy 4th of July everyone!!

  5. I have never tried crispy kale, but it sounds so simple. Do you think it would taste as good with lemon instead of lime?

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  9. Baked kale has definitely made the rounds of the blogosphere and yet I still haven’t tried it yet! I definitely need to get to it, especially with this spicy and delicious seasoning of yours.

  10. I have made crispy kale and liked it. Your version sounds really good, with the spicy salt and lime. Thank you for participating.

  11. chop, dice, mince the first three ingedients,adding the chorizo to brown then adding everything else to season for about an hour

  12. Portugese Kale soup ( so easy–so good )

    2 potatoes, 2 onions, 6 garlic
    2 bay leaves,1 lb. kale
    1can kidney and 1 can garbonzo beans
    1 can tomatoes
    1 lb. chorizo
    1 quart + a little extra chicken broth