Silent Sunday: Leo

Due to a few technical difficulties, I can’t share the recipe I was planning to share with you today. I will get it posted tomorrow though, for sure…in the meantime, here’s my kitty Leo!

leo lap

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9 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Leo”

  1. So handsome! I have a black cat too.
    Here in Michigan there is a campaign to get black dogs and cats adopted.
    Back in Black Campaign by the Michigan Animal Rescue League
    Hope others consider adding a black fur-baby to their family too!

    • Aw, thanks Liz! I was going through my iphone photos and found this one…I think I actually took it a few months ago.

    • I have another cat who’s pitch black, but this guy has a white patch on his chin and his paws are white, too. He’s really quite adorable!