Scrambled Eggs With Wild Garlic

We’re finishing #BreakfastWeek strong with another video on how to perfectly scramble eggs. These scrambled eggs with wild garlic are an extra special treat for your weekend brunch. We’ve had a FANTASTIC week bringing you smoothie bowls, bircher muesli, pancakes!! Check it all out here to catch up!

A hint of wild garlic makes these scrambled eggs extra special. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make perfectly soft scrambled eggs!

I’ve had a soft spot for scrambled eggs since Ben and I made a habit of our weekly Saturday morning Carluccio’s date. It was a little haven for us after spending the week apart each week. So naturally, I wanted to finish breakfast week with a quality brunch recipe that brings happy memories as well as good food.

I’ve included a video tutorial at the top that you can watch to help you get the eggs just right. I think the key is not to overcook the eggs. It’s tempting to keep heating them until they are dry, but you actually want to stop cooking them while they still have a little liquid. They will continue to cook for a short while after you take them off the heat, so this way, you’ll have perfectly soft and not at all rubbery scrambled eggs!

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Scrambled Eggs With Wild Garlic

Serves 2

An easy to follow video tutorial teaching you how to make the perfect scrambled eggs with wild garlic! Turn up your brunch this weekend with this easy, delicious recipe!


3 Eggs,
Splash of Milk,
Pinch of Salt and Pepper,
2 Teaspoons Dried Wild Garlic,
Bread for Toasting,
Olive Oil,
Fresh Parsley.

1. Break the eggs in a bowl, season with the salt, pepper, wild garlic and add a splash of milk. Whisk thoroughly.

2. Pour the eggs into a non stick saucepan that is heating on a medium heat. Stir the eggs constantly and take off the heat as soon as they are set, but not completely dry.

3. Serve over grilled toast that has been brushed with a little olive oil and sprinkle over some finely chopped fresh parsley.

Images by Lauren Caris Short.