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The main focus of my blog is real food, purchased locally, and cooked at home. On occasion, however, I do recommend products, books, and other resources I use and love, or otherwise want to share with you; my Resource Guide is a compilation of these recommendations.

This page is a work in process. I’ll update it whenever I discover something I think you should know about, but keep in mind that it is by no means exhaustive. Other links may belong here, I just don’t know about them yet! So if you have created or market a product(s) that you believe I’d be interested in (or if you’ve written a book that’s in alignment with my real foods/natural health philosophy), please get in touch with me by email (winnieAThealthygreenkitchenDOTcom). I’d love to check it out and add it to this page if it’s a good fit.

Healthy Fats and Oils

*Garden of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
A Wide Selection from Radiant Life
*BPA-free Native Forest Organic Classic Coconut Milk*
*Ghee (Organic Clarified Butter)
Healthy Oils from Wilderness Family Naturals

Pastured Butter

Organic Valley

Recommended Cod Liver Oils

*Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, Lemon
High Vitamin Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend and Fermented Cod Liver Oil may be purchased from Green Pastures

High Speed Blenders

*Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender, Black

BPA-free Water Bottles

*Klean Kanteen
*Liberty Bottle Works

Water Filters

Water Filtration Systems from Radiant Life

Full Spectrum/Vitamin D Producing Lights

*Full Spectrum Sun Light Desk Lamp
Vitamin D Producing Lights from Vitamin D UV


*Breville Juice Fountain
*Omega Masticating Juicer

Packaged Cleanses and Juices

The CLEAN program
Organic cold pressed juices, raw food cleansing programs, snacks and superfoods from Organic Avenue
Raw Cultured Juices from Wise Choice Market

Gluten-Free Flours

Bob’s Red Mill
King Arthur Flour

Sprouted Grains and Flours

Sprouted Grains from Cultures for Health

Organic Einkorn Flour

*Jovial Organic Einkorn Flour

Sustainable Wild Fish and Seafood

*Vital Choice carries a large selection

Healthy Meats

America’s Farmstand
US Wellness Meats
Bone Broth from Wise Choice Market

Bulk Organic Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs

Starter Cultures for Cheese, Kefir, Yogurt, and other Lacto-fermented Foods

Starter Cultures from Wise Choice Market
Starter Cultures from Cultures for Health
Culturing Products from Wilderness Family Naturals

Chocolate and Cacao

*Navitas Naturals Raw Chocolate Powder
*Navitas Naturals Cacao Nibs
Chocolate Products from Wilderness Family Naturals
Comprehensive List of Companies Whose Chocolate is Fair-Trade from Fair Trade USA

Natural Sweeteners

*Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Organic Sugar – 10 Pounds
*Fair Trade Organic Dark Brown Sugar
*Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar
Natural Sweeteners from Wilderness Family Naturals

Books about Food and Nutrition

*Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry Bieler
*The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food by Kaala Daniel
*Know Your Fats : The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils and Cholesterol by Mary Enig, PhD
*Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD
*Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD
*The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity by Donna Gates
*Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price
*Real Food: What to Eat and Why by Nina Planck
*Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection by Jessica Prentice
*The Diet Cure by Julia Ross
*The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy That Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease by Uffe Ravnskov
*Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine: Improving Health and Longevity with Native Nutrition by Ron Schmid, ND
*The Untold Story of Milk, Revised and Updated: The History, Politics and Science of Nature’s Perfect Food: Raw Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows by Ron Schmid, ND
*The Schwarzbein Principle: The Truth About Losing Weight, Being Healthy, and Feeling Younger by Diana Schwarzbein, MD

Please note that a star next to an item denotes an affiliate link. Should you choose to purchase something via one of those links, I make a small commission (thank you!).

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