Recycled Tire Planter for Eco-Friendly Friday

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My kids and I made this planter last weekend out of old tires :)

recycled tire planter photo

The tires were lying around because when my minivan died last year and I needed to replace it, the snow tires I already had didn’t fit on the newer car we bought. Instead of discarding them, though, we made these recycled tire planters for our garden.

My kids had a blast spray painting the tires gold and silver, then we stacked them and filled them with potting soil. I planted this one with giant dahlias for a splash of color and season-long blooms.

If you don’t have any old tires around, they can be found pretty easily at recycling centers and the like. Use your imagination as far as paint colors go (use one or a few different colors, or don’t paint them at all) and stack them as high as you want. You can fill your tire planter with pretty much anything…colorful flowers, herbs….you name it.

If you don’t have/don’t want to use tires, there are so many other items out there that can be re-used creatively in the garden instead of throwing them out. Here are some more creative planter ideas that I love from DIY Life and Make It and Mend It.

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