Recipe Round Up for Weekend Herb Blogging #303

This past week I hosted the 303rd edition of Weekend Herb Blogging.

It’s always such a delight to be the host of WHB, and here are the lovely submissions I received.

Katherine Martinelli used chickpeas in a new-to-her way in this beautiful dish of Roasted Chickpeas with Feta and Mint. Katherine lives in Israel and is new to WHB…so nice to have you Katherine!

Janet of The Taste Space in Toronto, Canada sent in this gorgeous and I am sure extremely flavorful Split Pea Dal with Ginger and Lime.

Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe sent in this Raspberry Yogurt Cake. Wish she wasn’t so far away from me (Melbourne, Australia), because I’d like to stop by her place for a slice ;)

Gay is in Thailand and writes the blog A Scientist in the Kitchen. She submitted her recipe for Stir Fry Pork, a dish that’s made with kra pao leaves. Kra pao is similar to basil, and both the leaves and flowers are using in cooking…I’ve never seen kra pao before, so thanks for teaching me something new Gay!

Haalo from Cook (Almost) Anything is currently in Italy and shared her stunning rendition of Fondue with White Truffles. I love Italian fontina and it looks great.

Hui Leng Tay of the blog An Escape to Food in Singapore shared a delectable Luffa Tomatoes Seaweed Soup. Luffa is also known as Chinese Okra or Singua, and I look forward to cooking with this ingredient some day!

Soma from eCurry lives in Texas and made Khatti Meethi Lauki/Sweet and Sour Bottle Gourd. Looks beautiful, healthy, and delicious.

Marija from Palachinka in Serbia submitted this gorgeous Cauliflower Cream with Sausage and Green Pepper. ps congrats to Marija for recently being named one of Saveur’s Favorite Global Food Blogs!

Lastly, here is my submission: a fiery fresh sauce made with garlic and chiles I grew in my garden.

Many thanks to everyone for participating in WHB #303. For more information about WHB, here are the rules; Chris is hosting this week.

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13 thoughts on “Recipe Round Up for Weekend Herb Blogging #303”

  1. That chili sauce looks incredible and since I have a serious addiction to all things spicy (especially when they have garlic involved) I will have to try my hand at making it myself!

  2. Such a great round-up! What an international group :-) Thanks so much for including me Winnie!! I can’t wait to go check out all the recipes.

  3. I’ve always wondered how they make that AMAZING chili sauce at the Thai restaurants!

    And that raspberry yogurt cakes looks amazing, AND the chickpeas and feta, heck it all looks delicious!

    Now I REALLY want some Thai food! :-)