Raw Chocolate Banana Smoothie

This raw chocolate banana smoothie is so sweet, creamy and rich, it’s almost hard to believe it’s good for you.

raw chocolate smoothie | healthy green kitchen

Before I get to the smoothie recipe, though, I want to tell you about my Garden of Life Giveaway!

The great people at Garden of Life are going to give one bottle of their awesome organic coconut oil and one bottle of their delicious Hawaiian raw honey to one of my lucky readers. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment below, and I’d love it if you tell me about your favorite smoothie recipe.

If you want an extra entry into the giveaway, mention this post on twitter or facebook and then leave me another comment telling me you did so…

You can enter the giveaway between now and midnight of February 15th. I’ll pick a winner at random on the 16th. Make sure I have your email address so I can notify you if you win! Good luck!

Back to the smoothie…

This one is very different from the green smoothie recipe I posted the other day- both are very nourishing, but in completely different ways.

This is a higher protein smoothie. It makes a great breakfast; I also like it as a pre/post-workout snack, and I sometimes make a version of this for dessert, as well.

I’m not generally a fan of protein powders, but I did add some Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder to this smoothie. I received a jar of this as a complementary gift from the company (I told you they were great people!) and I’m very impressed with it.

Raw Protein is derived from raw organic sprouts. It’s vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. It does not contain any artificial ingredients and it doesn’t change the flavor of the smoothie. I give it a definite “thumbs up”. If you can’t find this product or a very similar one, though, I’d probably skip the protein powder: I find most of them to be very processed and I don’t really trust what’s in them to be good for you.

If you’re not using the protein powder, though, you can still load this smoothie up with healthy protein by adding raw milk or organic plain yogurt or kefir and/or 1-2 raw eggs; if you use fresh, local, organic free-range eggs, there is very, very little risk of salmonella. I’ve been adding raw eggs to my smoothies for years and I’ve never had a problem.

This smoothie also contains organic coconut oil, a healthy fat that I love (more about organic coconut oil)…


…as well as raw cacao (aka raw chocolate) powder.


I can not say enough good things about raw cacao/chocolate powder. It’s high in magnesium, iron, fiber, and anti-oxidants and I absolutely love it. I used Divine Organics Sacred Cacao this time, which I found at my local natural foods store (unfortunately I don’t it see available online). I’ve also used and love Navitas Naturals Dark Chocolate Powder/Organic Cacao Power, which might be easier to find (more about healthy chocolate).

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raw chocolate smoothie | healthy green kitchen
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Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipe
Adapted from the Garden of Life Mochacchino Smoothie Recipe


  • *1 cup organic plain yogurt or Greek yogurt or 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup organic coconut milk or 1 cup coconut milk for a dairy-free smoothie
  • *1 cup filtered water or use more liquid(s above)
  • *1 1/2 organic bananas previously peeled, cut into chunks, and frozen
  • *1-2 Tb. Garden of Life or similar organic raw protein powder
  • *1-2 organic free-range eggs- optional
  • *1-2 Tb. organic raw cacao powder use the larger amount if you really like chocolate
  • *1-2 tsp. organic freeze-dried coffee regular or decaf; I use Mount Hagen brand- optional, for a mocha flavor
  • *1 Tb. organic coconut oil
  • *1 Tb. organic flax oil or ground flax seeds- optional
  • *1 Tb. raw honey or stevia to taste- optional
  • *pinch of Himalayan or sea salt- optional


  • Blend all ingredients well, adding ice or additional water to produce desired consistency. Serves 1.

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91 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate Banana Smoothie”

  1. This was so great. I followed all the ingredients including the cage-free brown raw egg and it was delicious. The color is not as brown as I wanted to, even though I used 2 T of raw cacao, but I can definitely taste it. I will save this recipe for regular use. Thanks!

  2. I just made your raw smoothie, minus the eggs. Normally my smoothies are made of homemade almond milk, fresh spinach or other greens, hemp protein, and fresh or frozen fruit. i bought the raw protein for a fresh change…
    This smoothie was very good!

    Thanks for the entry!

  3. Mmm! This is delicious. I’m trying to incorporate more raw food into my diet and be a little bit healthier. I have a terrible sweet tooth and this cures it perfectly! thank you!

  4. I really enjoy the Garden of Life recipes, and adding coconut oil to foods has really improved my health. Also I love coconut as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner!! Smoothies are a quick way in the morning or in place of a meal to get vital nutrients quickly into the body. My favorite smoothie recipe is the Banana-Peach Smoothie, just delicious!!

  5. Just getting into green smoothies and raw foods and have been having a great time searching for yummy recipes. Have been using coconut oil for cooking as well as a fabulous skin moisturizer — now in smoothies – yum!

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  8. This looks delicious! My favourite smoothie currently is:

    1/2 cup plain yogurt
    1 cup soymilk
    1/2 cup frozen mango
    1/2 cup frozen strawberries
    1/4 cup – 1/2 cup leftover cooked porridge (preferably with raisins)
    1 tablespoon ground flax

    I totally just made up the proportions now — in reality I just dump stuff together and whiz without measuring.

    Using cooked oats makes this unbelievably creamy — try it!

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  10. My favorite smoothie is with frozen banana (instead of ice), herbal tea (instead of milk), freshly ground flax, 1 or 2 handfuls spinach, and either hemp protein or Amazing Grass – the best! :-D

    Great giveaway!

  11. Wow that smoothie looks great! Chocolate-banana is always a winner. As is strawberry-banana with spinach (love my green smoothies!)

    Great giveaway! I love Garden of Life products :)

  12. I love coconut oil and I use it all the time as a replacement in my baking and cooking. And I just held off on buying raw honey in the supermarket because I wanted to read some more about it. One of my favorite smoothies is soymilk or milk, banana, blueberries, wheat germ and some flaxseed smoothie-with a touch of coconut oil!

  13. I make a delicious smoothie with organic bananas, frozen mixed berries, home made kefir, and home made almond milk. Sometimes I add ground flax seeds or flax oil. Mix in the blender.

  14. Great giveaway! I think my favorite smoothie recipe would be an oldie but goodie: homemade raw cow’s milk kefir, coconut milk, an egg (from our obliging chickens), raw honey, a ripe organic banana, and frozen organic raspberries! This one never fails to please my 5 kidlets or myself (my husband really likes it too when he’s home!).

  15. I actually make smoothies almost everyday (a quick way to get breakfast into kindergartener before she has to be at school.) We always have a whole bunch of different fruits around so I’ve experimented with too many to keep track – but pineapple (fresh), orange, and pears tend to be the winners. Our blender is so powerful that I blend the pineapple core too which actually is supposed to be good for you ! The kids actually really like it when I add flax (I grind the whole seeds first before adding other ingredients) because it gives the smoothie a richness and they think it’s soft serve ice cream !

  16. Great giveaway! One of our favorite smoothies is frozen bananas, coconut milk, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. My husband made it up and it is such a yummy treat!

  17. I love to use raw milk, a bit of raw cream, a bit of almond milk together with the soaking water, about 3 raw eggs, some raw ginger, an avocado, about 1/2 cup of berries of any kind, some coconut oil, and some raw honey. Maybe a little cinnamon. I sometimes add wheat grass if I have it. I don’t put CLO in it; it’s too good to leave residue in the blender or my cup! Then I whir it all up. It’s like drinking dessert for breakfast and I’m rarely hungry any sooner than 3-4 hours later!

  18. My favorite smoothie consists of cherries, a banana, blueberries, some almond milk, a half a scoop of protein and two ice cubes. Put all of that in a blender and enjoy :)

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  20. I agree breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and you need to start your day healthy! I just came across using the coconut oil – it is wonderful – great for a base to scramble eggs, fry up veges, etc. Our family is definately taking this time to learn more to get more healthy and to eat better. It will benefit us all!

  21. Garden of life Giveaway! I would love to win coconut oil and raw honey, i use coconut oil in smoothies when i have it, or just eat it from the spoon. I am flexible with my smoothies whatever i happen to have on hand, i always use bananas and blueberries and ground flax with a greens (powder) mixture, and sometimes also add (rice) protein, with either o.j. or a whole orange and some rice milk and ice. When i 1st introduced my kids to smoothies i used a sherbert ice cream and this is very good!

  22. ooh how I’m in love with Garden of Life and so thankful to have an organic clean source of supplements! I’ve been loving this smoothie: with frozen organic strawberries, raspberries, ice and fresh sprouts and a dab of agave! I’d love to add some honey or coconut oil, yummm!

  23. I am a big fan of smoothies of this type for me and my kids. I make them several times a week. I am also a very very big fan of the Garden of Life products!! I can hardly wait to try this one, only thing I have to go buy is the chocolate and I wish I had it now and I would stop all I am doing to whip one up – yummo! I am sure I will love it, thanks for the recipe!!

  24. Oooops! Forgot to leave my favorite smoothie recipe:
    Tropical smoothie: [using the vita-mix or blendtec] Feeds 3-6
    2 Bananas
    2 large handfuls of strawberries
    1 large handful of frozen pineapple [not canned, but canned can be used]
    1/2 frozen mango or Naked brand mango smoothie
    1 handful frozen papaya
    1 can coconut milk
    1/8th cup – 1/4 cup chia seed or salba seed
    apple juice

    Blend until smooth
    Oh yes, I often “sneak” in a few leaves of FRESH KALE

  25. I am so glad I stumbled upon your facebook page. It is hard to find new & inventive ideas for the raw & or whole foodist. Cant wait to sample some of the recipes you’ve posted. Thank you so much.
    Also, love Garden of Life products!

  26. Wow – these smoothie recipes are so healthy and inspiring! I usually do a basic yoghurt, banana, protein powder or similar with blueberries, but this has really gotten me thinking that I need to incorporate some more greens and I LOVE the idea of that raw cocoa and the coconut oil. It would not have occurred to me to buy raw cocoa powderI So much to know – I will have to do some shopping in the next week. Thanks so much!

  27. winnie, they are all great. i am on my way to grocery story right now and will definitely pick up ingredients for these. keep ’em coming!

  28. My favorite smoothie is chocolate cherry berry… made with frozen dark red cherries, blueberries raw cacao, a frozen banana and a dolop of greek yogurt or coconut milk. It’s a great way to satisfy my chocolate cravings in a healthy way :)

  29. This sounds fantastic. I make a smoothy with pineapple juice, frozen strawberries, and plain yogurt. It is great during the summer heat.

  30. My favorite smoothie is a the water and flesh from a fresh young coconut blended up with some ice. It gets nice and frothy at the top because of the fat content and it is so good for you and rehydrating.

    I also love fresh mango, banana and coconut together.

  31. I don’t really follow recipes for smoothies, but I think my favourite has yogurt, fresh peaches, and frozen huckleberries.

  32. This is such a helpful post for me. I have not been making smoothies very often due to a lack of “smoothie creativity” and fruit-heavy smoothie headaches. But this post, and the comments, have given me so many ideas to take the emphasis off the fruit. I have recently undertaken the challenge to get my family off processed foods and onto real foods only. Having a wider smoothie menu will make that process a little easier for my two teens. I have tried to find coconut oil locally, but have not succeeded so far. I look forward to trying it out when I do locate some though. Thanks so much for this post!

  33. I love smoothies with greens in them! Makes me feel so healthy :)
    I’ve been meaning to try coconut oil for ages! Yay for giveaways!!

  34. Our new favorite smoothie is made with goat milk kefir, frozen banana chunks, coconut oil, a few egg yolks and a T. or so of cocoa powder. We love experimenting with different types of fruit and sometimes we use our kombucha as the liquid.
    Love your site can’t wait to look around more!
    God Bless

  35. I have 2 favorites – very similar with the only real differences being the type of berry.

    organic vanilla or plain soy milk; banana; strawberries or blueberries; organic vanilla extract; touch of raw honey; flax seed oil; a bit of greek yogurt.

    I don’t like frozen drinks, so no ice for me — just a nice thick shake to taste!

  36. My favorite smoothie is really simple. Spinach, almond milk, 1/2 banana, and frozen pineapple. Your smoothie looks truly delicious though! Maybe I’ll have to branch out!

  37. Okay this sounds weird but it’s really yummy…
    1/2 an avocado
    1 banana
    1 Tb coconut oil
    1 cup nettle infusion
    rocks my world!

  38. We love and trust Garden of Life products and we’ve used them for years now. These smoothie recipes are so inspiring! I’m glad to know about the GOL Raw Protein Powder and I’ll give it a try since I haven’t been satisfied with any other protein powder.

  39. I’m getting so many good smoothie ideas just from reading these posts. I have to admit, smoothie making hasn’t been my forte in the past, but I’m getting motivated to try some of these recipes!

  40. it’s funny but i never think about what i put in smoothies – i simply open the freezer and use whatever frozen fruit i have, then open the fridge and use whatever juice i have, then adjust the sweetness with agave or honey, depending on my mood! however – i have found that if i don’t have any fruit juice, soy milk makes a creamy (almost dessert-like) substitute!

  41. I would love to have the chance to win! Let’s see, my favorite smoothie recipe: I don’t know the exact amounts, because I kinda just dump everything into the blender. It involves frozen raspberries, peaches, organic vanilla yogurt, a splash of orange juice, and honey to sweet. YUM! Extra ice cubes and any other kind of berry is fantastic too.

  42. our family fav smoothie we call Rawg-eggnog. Using basic almond mylk we add a raw egg, 2-3 frozen bananas (depending on how cold & thick u like it), good splash of vanilla, and heavily sprinkle (or to taste) in cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. Whirl away. It’s a staple at our house

  43. YUM! that looks amazing. My smoothies are always the same – strawberries or blueberries w/ almond milk, a banana, a little bit of coconut oil and usually some chia seeds.

  44. I like to keep my smoothies simple, and whole: Pears with skin on, mixed frozen berries, apples with skin on, diced mango, and maybe a little dash of vegan protein or a greens supplement like GOL Perfect Food!

  45. Your smoothie sounds amazing! I’ll add it to the list of things worth the GI distress for me :)
    My smoothies usually are built around these staples:
    frozen banana
    almond/hemp milk
    hemp/rice protein
    nuts or nut butters
    chia/hemp seeds

    from there I’ll add frozen fruit or pumpkin or spices or vanilla agave, depending on what flavor I’m looking for. So many options!!

    I retweeted the post about the giveaway!

  46. I have many favorites but I love the peach smoothie!

    1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    3 tablespoons protein powder
    1 tablespoon GOL coconut oil
    1/4 cup flax cereal
    1 cup frozen peaches

    Mix in blender! So good!

  47. This is so fun…I really like seeing how everyone does their smoothies! Remember to let me know if you post this on facebook or twitter so I can give you an additional entry!

  48. I must admit that after living off smoothies this Fall when I had my wisdom teeth removed I haven’t had one in a while – I had way too much of good thing! I’m also not too creative – my smoothies always include plain yogurt and flaxseed meal. I add to that base whatever fruit I have on had – most often bananas, but a good ripe mango or peach is lovely. Depending on the sweetness of my fruit and my taste buds on a given day I may add a little agave nectar.

    P.S. I’ve never tried coconut oil – I’ve seen so many conflicting reports about it’s health benefits. As I’ve read more I’ve become pretty convinced that it is a good fat, but I still haven’t bought any! I would love to have the opportunity to try it for free!

  49. My fav smoothie
    Pinacolada in the A.M.!
    1/2 banana
    1TB org coconut oil
    1/2 cup of frozen pineapple
    soaked goji berries
    scoop of protein powder
    any type of milk
    add milk as blending to make as thick as you like
    bottoms up!

  50. I want to win! I have coconut oil and coconut butter on the brain!

    I have a few smoothie recipes that I love, but here’s what I drank yesterday morning:

    Pumpkin Banana Smoothie
    1 medium-large frozen banana, broken into chunks
    3/4 cup canned pure pumpkin puree (not pie mix)
    1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    1 heaping Tbsp chia seeds
    5 ice cubes
    sweetener–optional-stevia or agave, to taste

    Place all ingredients in a blender and blend.

  51. I like my green smoothies best – too much fruit at once sends my blood sugar reeling. Congrats on your Hati fundraiser!!

  52. My favorite I’ve done so far is combining spinach, banana, strawberries and cantaloupe. I just love the flavor that cantaloupe brings to the party. And it may sound weird, but I also like red onions mixed in with my smoothies once in awhile. Kind of adds an edginess to the drink.

  53. I have been a fan of Garden of Life since the beginning. I love the exciting smoothie recipes. I have also found a way to bring their coconut oil into my life even more. Smoothies are great with coconut oil and natural peanut butter. I just add some oatmeal and kefir, maybe a bit of flax seed, and then I top it off with a bit of banana. Try that one

  54. Cool site, I actually came here from a linke off the Garden Of Life Facebook fan page. I’m glad I did. I usually make my smoothies from with frozen blueberries and either frozen strawberry or mango. Yogurt, bananas, apple juice give mine a smooth consistency.

  55. Pick me! Pick me! I have used both your coconut oil and Honey. Awesome!. Haven’t had it in a while and I am trying to lose weight and eat better to counter act hypothyroid. Thanks so much for the recipes. I love coconut! Never thought to get coconut milk. Will look for it. I love Garden of Life products. Have used FucoThin in the past, and use Ultimate Primal Defense.

  56. That sounds delicious. I love Coconut milk. I want to try this but use coconut milk yogurt instead of plain yogurt. I also was so glad to hear all the benefits of the cacao powder, I had no idea it had iron, that is great news for us since we have iron problems.
    My fav recipe is
    1 banana, 1 cp coconut milk, 2 tbsp peanut butter and 1 tbsp cocoa powder and a dash cinnamon and stevia

  57. Thanks for the smoothie recipe. Can’t wait to try it. My favorite smoothie recipe is plain yogurt, frozen bananas, choice of frozen fruit, wheat germ, flax seeds, raw egg (optional) and garden of life goatein powder. This is great recipe to divide into small dixie cups and put in the freezer with a popsicle stick in the middle and frozen for a snack for my child. I haven’t added the raw egg when I’m making treats for my child, though.

  58. did you read my mind this morning? Just made a banana/cacao smoothie for my breakfast! I use raw cacao beans that I got from my friends farm in Bali — Big Tree Farms. They also make some amazing Coconut Sugar that they sell in this country under the brand Sweet Tree — you should check it out. Great for baking. I also add acai to my shake, for the extra anti-oxidant boost. And almond milk. But I want to try it with coconut milk tomorrow — that sounds delicious!

  59. I would love to try these products.I love drinking my morning smoothie.

    I use these ingredients:
    3 c Kale,1/2 banana,1 T Natural peanut butter, 1 c unsweetened almond breeze,and cinnamon.

    YuMMy =)

  60. My favorite smoothie recipe:
    1 banana
    1+ cup of frozen berries (blackberry is my favorite)
    Garden of Life Perfect Food
    Tablespoon GOL coconut oil
    Ground flax
    Coconut Milk

  61. I LOVE smoothies! everyday I mix up grapefruit juice,a berrie mix, plain whole yogurt, coconut oil and a raw egg yolk, I love it.

  62. I am going to try this for my grand daughter too. Great recipe to use my homemade raw goat’s milk yogurt. Think I’ll freeze it in her popsickle makers! Will leave the coffee out though.

  63. I have a protein drink every am before I go to the gym – have been using egg white protein, almond milk, bananas, flax seed meal and whatever other frozen fruit I have but will give this protein powder + recipe a whirl- looks yummy