Q and A with Cheryl Sternman Rule (Plus Endive Green Apple Salad and an Endive/Ripe Cookbook Giveaway)

Back at the beginning of April, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely women behind the brand new book: Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables at the IACP Book and Blog Festival.

ripe cookbook giveaway
{Cover photo of Ripe by Paulette Phlipot and used with permission from Running Press; please note that the other photos in this post were made by yours truly}

Author Cheryl Sternman Rule and Photographer Paulette Phlipot are both wildly talented: together, they’ve created a color coded celebration of produce that’s bursting with gorgeous photos, fantastic recipes, and innovative ideas for using fruits and vegetables. I treasure my signed copy, and I am excited to tell you about a recipe inspired by Ripe today; I am also thrilled to be giving away a copy to one of you.

But before we get to the recipe and the giveaway (which also includes a shipment of fresh endive courtesy of Discover Endive), I want to share a little “Q and A” I did with Cheryl by phone late last week:

Q. Can you tell me about how you and Paulette came to make such a fun and unique book? A book that truly celebrates fruits and vegetables?

A. Paulette originally wanted to do a fruit and vegetable-based photo book. She approached me, and together we expanded her initial vision into a cookbook. I wanted to write about the possibilities I see when I come face to face with produce. We wanted it to be filled with excitement and beauty and not seasonally-oriented or nutritionally-oriented. We wanted to do something different. We spent a year after we met talking many times about how we could collaborate on a project that would meld together both our visions.

Q. I think of the writing on your blog as being a bit serious, whereas the writing in Ripe is quite lighthearted. Do you agree with this generalization? Also, what was it like to win the IACP “Best Food Blog” award the same week that your first book was published?

A. The answer to the first question is “not really.” I am 100% myself in my blog posts, and in this book, as well (as opposed to when I’ve written for magazines, and have to write in a certain voice). My blog posts are both fun and serious (though it seems like the serious ones get more attention)… the book is mostly just fun.

Winning the IACP award for my blog was wonderful. Truly a special experience. I was surprised to be nominated and delighted to win; the timing could not have been better.

Q. Can you talk a bit about the visuals of the book? The photos and the design?

A. Paulette and I made a joint decision to take a whimsical approach to the book as a whole. We wanted to highlight the produce close up and cut open, and we wanted everything to be bright and colorful. Paulette’s creative vision and photography skills have no limits, so she gets all the credit for the look of the photos and the brilliant idea to color code the chapters, as well.

Running Press did a great job with the design. We love the way the colors are super saturated and how the size of the book is a bit unusual: it’s meant to be more of a gift book than a big, fat reference, and it’s selling very well in both traditional and non-traditional venues as a result. The design of the book surpassed all of our expectations.

A big thanks to Cheryl for taking time out of her busy schedule to speak with me about the book! For more information about Ripe including details of Cheryl and Paulette’s book tour events, please check out The Ripe Cookbook website :)


So as you may or may not know, I’ve been working with the folks from Discover Endive for the past few months to help promote their product*. Healthy, versatile endive has become a staple in my home, and I hope that it will become a staple in yours, too.

This salad is inspired by one of the “Simple Uses for Endive” in Ripe. To make it, I combined two heads of red endive with one chopped green apple, about two tablespoons of crumbled blue cheese (goat cheese would also be excellent, and is actually what Cheryl recommends in the book), and another two tablespoons of chopped pistachios. I dressed everything with generous splashes of olive oil and sherry vinegar, and I thought it was a great salad; add some chopped grilled fish or chicken and you’ve got an easy meal that’s perfect for warmer weather.

And now for the giveaway…the third one I’m running to celebrate my blog turning three this month!

This giveaway is for one shipment of endive (a 2-3 month supply, as endive lasts for quite a long time when it’s refrigerated) plus a copy of Ripe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables by Cheryl Sternman Rule with Photography by Paulette Phlipot.

Please note that Ripe has gone into a second printing, so you should receive your copy of the book sometime in June.

Official Rules: No purchase necessary. Open to US residents in the continental US only, excluding Alaska. You must be 18 years or older to enter. This giveaway will end on Monday May 28th 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. One winner with a valid entry will be selected at random using random.org. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be selected.

To enter, please leave a comment below.

For an additional entry (please leave an additional comment), please follow Discover Endive on twitter.

Thank you and good luck!

*I am being compensated for my efforts to promote California endive; all opinions are 100% mine.

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  4. Congratulations on turning three – it is quite an accomplishment! Here is to many more blogging years to come and enjoyable posts for us to read! Cheers!
    I just leafed through Cheryl’s book and it is really stunning. I love the approach and groupings by color. The two of them seem to make great partners.

  5. I just found your website while surfing around, learning about canning. What a fun giveaway! I look forward to enjoying your blog.Thanks!!

  6. I’ve never tried endive, but always wanted to….looks like this might be my chance to get busy loving endive!

  7. This looks like a good cookbook to learn how to make meals that you would not make most of the time. I like to try various recipes.

  8. Cooking and baking are my passion. I haven’t tried endive, but looks wonderful. I would love to win the book as the cover looks gorgeous!

  9. I love endive – the crunch and flavor are both slightly unexpected every time.
    I don’t use it often enough!
    Thanks for the nudge and the opportunity!

  10. I would love some more ideas on how to feed my spouse fruits and veggies. He just dreads the word salad from long before we met, and it is hard to get him to come around to the idea of other salads besides “regular” salad.

  11. Gorgeous salad! I haven’t had endives in ages, but this makes me want to bring them back to the kitchen and make this salad pronto :)

  12. Winnie: well first of all happy 3rd blogiversary! What a great interview: I loved hearing the background behind this stunning book. I am all about “ripe” food eaten at it’s peak.

  13. I love endive in salads but not sure how else to use it so the Ripe cookbook which is beautiful would definitely be inspiring!

  14. Veggies Rock! I have turned my family into Veggie Lovers. They now (unlike before) love kale, asparagus, brussels, celery root, Carrots, Yams, etc. I think learning how to cook each Veg. really makes a difference. Also, learning different flavors they go with and always switching it up. Broccoli, string beans and cauliflower was all I grew up with and always paired with lemon, expect the cauliflower. The only way I had it in the past was fried for Makloubeh (Arabic Rice, onion and Cauliflower dish). It’s yummy, but roasted is delicious too!

  15. Nice giveaway. I love endive, but it seems like I can’t get enough of it in rural NC. The book looks most appetizing :)

  16. I love endive and all things involving fruits and vegetables so I would really appreciate a chance to win the Ripe cookbook. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  17. In an effort to focus on bringing more fresh, wholesome nutrition into my diet I am very interested in the Ripe cookbook. The fun and vibrant pages are bonus! Endive being full dark colored goodness fits perfectly in my “eat more of these” list…Thank you for this opportunity!

  18. Wow – I love tasty endive chopped into salads & Ripe looks amazing! Thanks so much for the fabulous tasty giveaway!

  19. I love endive actually. I have been on a mission to bring healthier and less processed food to our family table recently (not easy with two teenage sons), and I would love to have the endive to experiment with and I would REALLY love to have access to the tips and recipes in this book for new ideas and presentations. I don’t follow Twitter unfortunately, but I enjoy this blog. Thanks for the interview.

  20. Love your site. The book looks very interesting and artistic. I am very interested in exploring veggies I haven’t tried yet. Introduced my kids to fresh brussel sprouts today and they were all amazed they like them. Who knew? Thanks.

  21. It has been years since I had endive but it so hard to find where I live (although I am very sure that it is grown near me) and the cookbook looks gorgeous. I am always so much more excited when I can see beautiful pictures of what the dish will look like.

  22. Sounds like a great book and a wonderful giveaway. I’ve only tried endive in a salad mix. Haven’t seen them in our stores but would love some.

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    The book looks fabulous!

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  26. What an exquisite book and a great year for Cheryl Sternman Rule! Can’t wait to flips the pages and be inspired.

  27. The cookbook sounds great, like it would be totally up my ally. I’d also love to try my creative hand at coming up with some new recipes for endive. Congrats on your 3rd year of blogging!

  28. I have never used Endive and am looking for new adventures in the kitchen! The book looks perfect for my garden too!

  29. This book sounds fantastic, as does the supply of endive! I have an endive recipe planned for my graduation party in June, and I’m determined to use more of it this year in general.

  30. I love using endive. It is unique in both flavor and shape. Hope I win this cookbook and endive! Food and cooking are my passion. I get bored with food and so am always trying new recipes and new ingredients.