Hey, pumpkin loving people! I’m back with a new recipe for protein waffles made with pumpkin tastiness for you. It’s only been 2 years since my last recipe here at Healthy Green Kitchen…and that one featured pumpkin too. This is all normal, right?!

I promise I eat things that don’t involve pumpkin. Sometimes. Hahaha.

pumpkin protein waffles

Seriously, though…right now I am working on making a return to sharing recipes here a real habit that sticks. For the first time in a very long time: I do actually miss blogging!!!! And I really do promise I won’t only make things with pumpkin from here on out.

Since I last popped in here with a new recipe, a lot of things changed. The biggest one? I got a job as a nutrition coach for Stronger U Nutrition ;) The job keeps me super busy! So: no more time for obsessing about cooking and writing and photos like I used to do when blogging here before.

But I do still cook a lot- just with more awareness about how what I make aligns with my current goals for my health and body composition- and I do want to share more of what I make here. So here’s the deal with the waffles. They are super easy to make, and maybe you even already have many of the ingredients in the house. If you want to use any pre-made pancake/waffle mix, I bet you can do that and use 1 cup/120g of it (and take out the dry ingredients listed below), but these will taste a bit different and macros will vary depending on the brand of pancake/waffle mix you use. You’ll need a waffle iron, for sure:  I have this one. And if you don’t have a waffle iron? I bet you can turn this recipe into pancakes instead.

pumpkin protein waffles on rack

I put the macros for the waffles with the ingredients I used into the recipe below, but please know that the very best thing to do if you want to dial in the accuracy of any recipe you make is to input all ingredients in My Fitness Pal’s recipe creator yourself. If you cook/bake a lot and you are working on fat loss or any other goal related to food intake, it’s really the way to go so you can know exactly how what you want to eat fits into your nutrition plan.

I like to eat these waffles plain and cold because that’s how I eat my breakfast most days. It sounds like sadness, but it’s just reality: on most days I eat between coaching class at the gym and my own workout, so I eat things like this much of the time.  If you want to eat these warm, go for it!  And you can add all the regular waffle-y toppings if you like, but be sure to track the macros for anything you add if tracking macros is your thing. Light butter and low carb syrup will keep the macros/calories on the lower side. I bet peanut butter would be super good but watch the fat, my friends.

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A few of my older posts featuring Pumpkin:

(Please note I haven’t yet been back through these posts to make the content more current, make the recipes more macro-friendly, or add nutritional info yet. I do hope to give my favorite recipes a macro makeover in the future, though!)

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    Cass — October 7, 2019 @ 6:17 pm

    Yayy! So glad you decided to blog again. Welcome back!

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