Peru Part 1: Lima

As you can probably imagine, I took a lot of photos when I was in Peru. Rather than share them all in one incredibly unwieldy post, I think I’ll space them out into at least 3 posts. Let’s start with a glimpse of Lima.

Lima courtyard // Healthy Green Kitchen

Lima was not all what I expected! A few friends told me it wasn’t worth spending much time in Lima, but I am very happy that we had 2 days there. I found Lima to be a surprisingly lovely and vibrant city.

lima square // Healthy Green Kitchen

Lima church // Healthy Green Kitchen

Lima // Healthy Green Kitchen

Lima police women // Healthy Green Kitchen

My trusty travel companion (my 11 year old daughter Maddie) and I stayed in a neighborhood called Miraflores. It was very easy to get around on foot: we enjoyed strolling around the waterfront and the various parks, as well as shopping and eating there. We also had a guide take us to see many other parts of the city, including the funky Barranco: a bohemian neighborhood set high on a cliff.

Though fog typically covers the city of Lima most days this time of year (it is currently winter in Peru), we lucked into sunny blue skies for part of our visit. And even though the humidity in Lima is crazy high (98%!), I thought the weather during our stay was perfect. It was in the 60’s: a wonderful respite from summer weather here in New York. Maddie and I wore jeans and tee-shirts (but most of the locals were bundled in jackets and scarves!).

Apparently the climate in Lima is also perfect for many types of plants. It rarely rains, but it also doesn’t ever get very cold or very hot. For this reason, we saw many different flowers. Beautiful bougainvillaeas spill off terraces just about everywhere in Lima, and everything from orchids to roses absolutely thrives there.

Lima orchids // Healthy Green Kitchen

Lima rose // Healthy Green Kitchen

We visited several museums in Lima. I found the artifacts housed within to be endlessly fascinating.

Lima artifacts // Healthy Green Kitchen

We also got our first peak at pre-Incan ruins.

Lima ruins // Healthy Green Kitchen

Pachacamac // Healthy Green Kitchen

I tasted my first (and second) “Pisco Sour” in Lima. I found them to be tasty, but very strong. I also sampled the local fish and seafood for which Lima (with its cold waters) is famous: ceviche is a specialty there.

Fish at Vivanda market // Healthy Green Kitchen

If you go to Lima with kids, make sure you don’t miss the Parque de la Reserva. There you will find the Magic Water Tour, a series of giant fountains that are brightly lit with all different colors. It’s a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike, and particularly memorable if you go at night. We really loved it.

Magic Water Tour fountain in Lima // Healthy Green Kitchen

Magic Water Tour fountain Lima // Healthy Green Kitchen

Reserve Park Water Tour // Healthy Green Kitchen

I booked our trip through a tour company. They did a fantastic job with our accommodations and itinerary in Lima and everywhere else we traveled. If you thinking about going to Peru, I’d be happy to share more details with you…just shoot me an email. In my next post, I will share my photos of the magical city of Cuzco!

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27 thoughts on “Peru Part 1: Lima”

  1. Lovely photos and they bring back good memories of my trip there with my son though he was older than your daughter. I also loved Lima.

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  3. I laugh whenever I see foreigners here in Lima during winter, as if they are going to the beach! I was like that when I first moved here three years ago but quickly learned that you can get incredibly sick in the 60 degree weather. I have learned that its not just the humidity, but every single house/apartment in Lima is built with concrete walls and the windows do not seal (no rain), therefore we are constantly cold even at home. I’d say only about 1% of Lima can afford central air or heating. The flu goes around and everyone gets sick. I totally understand how it might seem like nice warm temperatures at first, but stay longer and you will feel like its winter.

    Glad you enjoyed the trip!

  4. Welcome home, Winnie! I hope you had a Pisco Sour while you were there! I haven’t stirred up more controversy on my blog than the time I said Peru SHARED the drink with Chile. Oh boy, Peruvians came a’swinging… so proud of that cocktail. ;)

    • Ah, the Pisco Sour. Yes I did order a few but could not drink more than 1/2 of the glass- SO strong!

  5. Wow! You really enjoyed your stay in Peru. I would like to visit that country someday. BTW, your photos are great. I feel like I’m with you throughout your travel. Keep on posting! :-)

  6. I love “travelogue” posts! How awesome that you got to take this trip with your daughter, Winnie! Beautiful photographs. Can’t wait to see and hear more. :-)


    • Thanks Amanda! The rest of the trip was way more photogenic- I just have to get all the editing done!

  7. How wonderful to go there with your daughter. I loved Peru! In fact it’s where I met my husband. Have an amazing time. It’s a country that just keeps “wowing”!

  8. Peru isn’t somewhere I’ve ever thought about visiting but it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

    • Haha I am not so good about being in front of the camera but I do have some of me in the pics to come :)