Peach, Basil, and Ricotta Tartine (Gluten-Free)

For the August Secret Recipe Club, I had the great pleasure of choosing a recipe from Cooking with Chopin.

Ginny’s blog was new to me and I started perusing it right after I received my assignment. I was immediately struck by how great her recipes look and how honest Ginny is in her posts…a winning combination in my book.

The recipe I chose to play with was her Fig, Ricotta, and Honey Tartine. I loved Ginny’s description of the dish, and her photos are mouthwatering; I was disappointed that I could not find fresh figs anywhere nearby, so I decided to use local peaches instead.

local peaches

A tartine is the French name for an open-faced sandwich. Tartines are usually made with bread, but Ginny used flatbread in hers so I followed her lead. I served it as an appetizer at one of the big meals we did over at my dad’s house while my brother was in town with his sweet family this past week.

Because my sister-in-law has celiac disease and she, my brother and their kids avoid gluten, I made the flatbread with Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust mix. But you could make this with your favorite pre-made flatbread, or with your favorite gluten-free or regular bread. The peaches I used had been poached in water and a little sugar (my dad made them earlier in the day), but very ripe fresh peaches would work, as well.

To compile the tartine, you just spread a little ricotta on your (flat)bread, then add sliced peaches. I used snippets of basil on mine, but you could use arugula, baby salad greens, or a different herb, if you wish. I put a little salami on half of the tartine: I would have used prosciutto if I’d had some. Because mine was more of a savory dish, I finished it with a drizzle of olive oil instead of honey.

My son Dylan and I really loved this tartine. So thank you Ginny for the inspiration! I promise I’ll make it properly- with fresh figs- when I see them around here :)