Organic Garden Early July

It’s been about a month since I first posted about our new organic garden, so I thought I’d share some photos of my kitchen vegetable garden now that it’s early July.

Despite the fact that the weather was terrible and it rained nearly everyday in June, my organic vegetable garden is growing very well. I attribute this to the fact that my veggies are planted in raised beds, and the soil is enriched with lots of compost.

Organic Garden Early July Highlights:

Here are my scarlet runner beans climbing up their cage; I’ve got lettuces you can’t see planted in the center…

scarlet runner beans

My squash plants are growing by leaps and bounds, and they’ve got gorgeous blossoms I love to use in recipes:

squash blossom

Here is one of my lacinato kale plants:

Tuscan kale

Here is our first ripe cucumber- my daughter and I ate it right after I took this picture:

first cucumber

I am a big fan of companion planting so my beds are filled not just with veggies, but with herbs, and lots of flowers, too. Here you can see some zinnias near my San Marzano tomatoes (these are awesome for sauces and they are just 1 of the 10 heirloom varieties I am growing!):

first sanmarzano

My herb spiral has filled in a lot: I’ve got dill, basil, lemon balm, oregano, winter savory, lavender, parsley and more growing in here…

herb spiral

That’s it for now- I’ll share more organic kitchen gardening photos as the summer progresses!

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