One Simple Change: Dry Skin Brushing

I just returned from a trip to Colorado with my family. We skied in Vail all last week- it was beautiful and snowy and so much fun. I hope you enjoyed the guest posts while I was away.

I wasn’t able to post for One Simple Change last week, but the good news is you’ll get 2 One Simple Change posts this week! Today I want to introduce you to the practice of dry skin brushing: a great way to cleanse and stimulate the skin, your body’s largest eliminative organ.

Dry skin brushing is good for anyone who desires healthy skin (um, who doesn’t?), and it is specifically recommended if you are doing any type of “detox”. It’s excellent for unclogging pores, removing dead skin cells, and can help break up cellulite, giving the skin a more even appearance. It also helps to improve circulation and can enhance digestion.

In order to dry brush your skin properly, you should purchase a loofah or natural fiber brush that has a long handle. These are available at any natural foods store. Plan to do your brushing before showering or bathing: you can do it once a day, if you like, or just a few times a week. Or reserve it only when you are doing any sort of cleanse or detox…it’s up to you.

Instructions for Dry Skin Brushing

Give yourself 5-15 minutes to brush your whole body. You can start with your feet and move up your body, or you can start high and work your way down. Take care with areas that have thin skin and that are generally sensitive, such as the face, breasts and stomach, and avoid damaged skin or very sensitive areas (I think you know which ones I mean).

Use circular motions, brushing toward your heart, and brush in the counter-clockwise direction on your abdomen in order to enhance your digestion.

After you do your dry brushing, it is suggested that you take a warm, not hot, shower, and if you are up to it, end with a cold rinse. After you towel off, you can apply some liquified organic coconut oil for a real skin softening treat.

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6 thoughts on “One Simple Change: Dry Skin Brushing”

  1. I need to do this on a more regular basis, thank you for the reminder. Also, while I’ve heard of brushing toward the heart in a circular motion, brushing the abdomen in a counter-clockwise direction is new to me, so thank you for that bit of advice as well.

    Glad that you arrived home from your vacation safe and sound and that you all enjoyed the skiing!

  2. Can you explain why it’s important to do this dry as opposed to brushing or scrubbing while in the shower?

    You may also know the answer to another question I have. I’m wondering about using neutral henna to add a little color to the white hair that is beginning to show in my very dark hair. I’d prefer not to use a chemical based product on my hair and don’t want to change the overall look of my hair. Do you know anything about this type of hair color?

  3. I’ve actually never heard of this skin brushing before but it makes complete sense! Thanks for sharing this tip. Can’t wait to get started on a routine. :)

  4. Winnie, I was doing this regularly last winter and noticed such a difference! I confess that I got a bit distracted over the summer and haven’t done it since. I was wondering: is dry skin brushing safe/recommended during pregnancy?

  5. I started dry brushing a couple of years ago – especially invigorating on those low energy winter mornings to get the blood flowing! Thanks for this, I’ve been lazy about it lately and am inspired to get started again.