A row of Starbucks holiday drink cups on a counter.

How to Make Starbucks Holiday Drinks a Little Healthier

Starbucks holiday drinks are not only tasty but they are filled with sugar and dairy. While your occasional Peppermint Mocha indulgence certainly won’t hurt anything, if you’re ordering a holiday favorite on the daily, you might notice a few negative effects. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to make Starbucks’ holiday drinks a little healthier.

Frozen ice cubes of fresh herbs on a wooden cutting board with a burlap background and wood table underneath.

An Easy Hack for Saving Herbs Before They Go Bad 

This hack is the simplest yet effective technique of preserving herbs to maintain their aroma and taste. Learn how to freeze your favorite herbs for long-term storage and enjoy their freshness all year round.